Most popular football-based video games

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Football is no doubt one of the most popular sports worldwide. It has millions of fans and thousands of professional players across all continents. Some fans may feel like they are missing out on playing action, either because they do not have the opportunity to become a professional player or because they don’t possess the skills required.

The silver lining in this is that there are ways that fans can feel more included than just supporting their favourite teams, such as joining the best football betting apps. They can also play football-based video games, fantasy sports, etc. Doing all of these will make fans feel more involved in football. 

Benefits Of Playing Football Based Video Games 

  1. Quick Thinking: Most popular video-based game helps teach your brain to observe, process and take well-timed actions. When you play these games continuously, after some time, you will notice that your judgement skills will improve significantly.  You can apply this newly acquired skill to tackle real-life situations. When you are required to make an important decision quickly, you will feel less pressure because you are already used to making quick decisions. 
  1. It Gives You a Better Insight of the Beautiful Game: Playing football-based video games will help fans understand the game’s dynamics better. Most times, players come under intense criticism for not performing excellently. Fans are always quick to call out players when they drop stinkers. 

    When you start playing these games, you will understand that these things are not easy as it seems. Sometimes, you will find that you are not at your best in the game, and sometimes, you will face people who are miles ahead of you in playing the game. When you encounter these struggles in video games, you will understand better than to criticise professional footballers. 
  1. It Increases Socialisation: The majority of the famous games in tis genre always have a multiplayer option. These options can either be online multiplayer or offline multiplayer. The offline multiplayer option can help you foster real-life relationships, such as friends, colleagues, etc. By playing football video games with them, you will get to have engaging conversations and create special memories. 

    Playing online games will virtually connect you to other gamers worldwide. You can play games and have exciting conversations with people thousands of miles away. This feature is outstanding for players who find it hard to socialize with people in real life.   

Most popular football-based video games:

  • FIFA
  • Football Manager
  • Super Mario Strikers 
  • Nintendo World Cup
  • New Star Soccer
  • Pro Evolution Soccer (Now eFootball)
  • UEFA Euro 2008
  • Kick Off

We’ve reviewed or covered some of the top games rated above, so just do a quick search for them to find out more about what makes them great games. However, they’re not the only top titles out there, there are many others too. If you think we’ve missed out some crackers we should give credit to, then let us know what your favourites are in the comments below.

Conor Coady in the Stonewall FC Unity Football Shirt on FIFA 22

In conclusion 

Some years ago, playing video games used to be considered a complete waste of time. That has proven to be a false notion, as playing video games has illustrated some beneficial attributes in recent years. People now make money from becoming professional gamers. 

Football-based video games are also popular among professional players, making it an avenue for fans and players to enjoy the same activity. It is indeed a good idea for uniting people together.  However, it is not essential to always go for popular video games because some low-quality games are available that are just as good, even if they do not give you the expected feeling and thrills that a top-notch video game will offer.

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