Online Blackjack And How It Happens In 2021

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In the UK, online variants of Blackjack offer a creative spark to online casinos. New variants of online blackjack are appearing with newer features in 2021. Each of these variants has its own nuances that need to be explained carefully. 

Only if you understand the subtleties and nuances of these variants of the online games do you stand to win real bucks. A simple web search can tell you that casino sites offer a number of genuine money games that present an exciting blend of twists with some traditional versions of the game. 

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To make your game hunting experience easier, here are some of the best-known variants of the online blackjack game that you can find in any online casino. If you would like to learn more about the casino industry, check out what author Kate Richards has to say.

Spanish 21

Currently, Spanish 21 is one of the most widely available games today on online gambling/casino sites. Players trying it for the first time get the most out of this variant of the game. The rules in this game are largely in favour of the players, and they stand to win on a 21 instead of push if the dealer also has a 21. 

One of the important features of Spanish 21 is that it lacks 10s in the deck. Dealers tend to gain the most when a card of value 20 comes up in the course of the game.  So, a game that starts by making a hand gives you slimmer chances of winning than when you were playing the basic version of the game.  

It is, thus, a quite popular game among online casino gamblers because the Spanish 21 blackjack game carries higher rewards compared to some of the other games.

A guy playing Blackjack in Virtual Reality like in an online casino

Blackjack Switch

If you want a flavour of the traditional Blackjack game, and still love a creative twist to it, then Blackjack Switch is the online casino game you are looking for. Being one of the most recent twists, 

The Switch version features a simple and basic structure wherein the game starts by playing two hands instead of one. If players get two deals, they get a chance to swap cards between their hands and thus improve both hands.

The possibility of being able to switch hands significantly increases the winning benefits to players. Some rules are a bit queer for these types of blackjack. Players suffer a loss only when the dealer gets a 22. In such a situation, any player without 21 will face a push against him/her.

European Blackjack 

European Blackjack is different from some of the other versions of the game. This is because of the different rules followed in European Blackjack in dealing with cards. 

While in the standard game the dealer is required to get two cards, the cards being one face up and another down, the European rule dictates that every player must get only one card face up. Until every player has completed their turn, players cannot get the second card.

These rules of European Blackjack ruin, or at least complicate the chances that players have to double or split among themselves. Additional rules in the game show how easily doubling or splitting can happen here in this version. Any player who aims to win the game must avoid doubling or splitting at all costs.


So, this was a quick but exhaustive round-up of the different variants of the popular European Blackjack. Any player who wants to have a serious shot at winning any of the variants of the game must develop a sound understanding of the rules.

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