From Live Casinos to eSports – Monopoly Continues to Thrive In Surprising Ways

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Many exciting concepts and franchises, such as Monopoly, have emerged from the gaming industry through the years. However, every now and then, the sector has been happy to head back in time for some inspiration.

For instance, card classics like poker and solitaire have enjoyed success in the digital age, while some board games have also managed to live on as well. A classic example of the latter is undoubtedly Monopoly – a game that has generated interest in areas including mobile gaming and online casinos.

Incredible Success

The story of Monopoly is thought to begin back in the early 20th century. Britannica outlines how the concept was sold to the Parker Brothers in 1935 and went on to become the best-selling privately patented board game of all time.

While Monopoly is of course synonymous with board game fun, the title has also been successfully adapted for the benefit of other platforms throughout the years. For example, in recent times it’s become part of the live dealer casino experience thanks to the development of Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming. The format of this game is wholly similar to the original, with the additional feature of a wheel operated by a host. The aim of the game is to predict which segment the wheel will land on, while the experience also includes references to classic elements like the Chance card.

Monopoly has even been embraced by the world of mobile gaming as well. The Google Play listing for Monopoly Sudoku outlines how the title combines the board game with the classic brain teaser. It also reimagines the board and players can move along it to unlock multipliers and more.

eSports Success

While the game has managed to go digital, it’s also thriving offline thanks to the many themed versions that have been released. Some have even taken their inspiration from the video gaming world, as the Hasbro site features special editions related to Super Mario, Pac-Man and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Now, a fresh take on the game has embraced the increasingly popular world of eSports. Last month, eSports Insider revealed that ESL Gaming has unveiled an eSports-themed version of Monopoly. The title embraces the idea in a number of ways, with players having to buy tournaments rather than the properties traditionally associated with the concept.

Available at the ESL Gaming Store, the game also includes pieces inspired by the theme, such as a games controller, keyboard, headphones and the ESL logo. eSports Insider adds that the general rules are the same, while the gameboard is double-sided.

Remarkable Reinvention

When it comes to discussing the absolute classic board game experiences, no conversation would be complete without a reference to Monopoly. The game has been incredibly popular for a number of years, yet it has also crucially managed to reinvent itself in the digital age too.

The creation of the eSports version of the title is just the latest example of its long relationship with the gaming world and it will be fascinating to see how that connection continues to develop in the months and years ahead. Both offline and online, it looks like Monopoly is here to stay.

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