MAGIX Music Maker Premium review

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MAGIX Music Maker Premium.

I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a music man, but unfortunately, when it comes to musical talent, I pretty much have none. I can’t sing, I can’t play any instruments and when it comes to making playlists, I put them together about as well as a cowboy builder constructs an extension.

Despite all that, it doesn’t stop me believing that one day I can make it, after all, if the Cheeky Girls and Paris Hilton can make music then there must still be a chance for me as well. And what better way to launch my new musical career than by testing out MAGIX Music Maker Premium.

What I really liked about this software once it was installed, there was the opportunity to get stuck right in once the program launched. You didn’t need to be messing around with templates or going through wizards to configure stuff, you’re just given the screen below to get stuck in right away.

Simply begin dragging and dropping samples in and you’ll soon have something that, if like me, resembles the sounds of a drunk guy who somehow managed to replace the DJ in a night club and really doesn’t know what he’s doing. Or maybe you’ll have something that actually sounds half-decent, your guess is as good as mine.

The software has a number of cracking features, and if you want to get to make the most of them then I’d recommend checking out some of the video tutorials available on the MAGIX website, however, I did have trouble playing them in Microsoft Edge so switched to Chrome.

I would go more in depth myself but I’m no expert just yet and I’d probably just bore you if I haven’t already. But yeah, a ton of stuff is included with the Music Maker Premium package, including; access to approximately 8,000 loops and sounds, the ability to play virtual instruments and even the option of recording your own vocals in studio quality.

I have to say it’s pretty much the perfect thing for a small band to be getting to grips with so you can record your own stuff without having the cost of hiring out a studio. Especially with the mastering suite function that allows you to finalise and produce tracks with professional sound effects and mastering plug-ins (that bit came straight from the box itself).

But seriously, this is a fantastic piece of software that once you get your head around and learn how to import your sound files and hook everything up, you’ll be making professional quality tracks in no time, as long as your mum doesn’t walk into your room during recording, telling you off for leaving the toilet seat up again.

Another nice addition, which may or may not get people’s tech taste buds tingling is that the software also comes with a compatible smartphone app that allows you to control many of the main functions. This means that when you’re working on something really good you don’t have to put it down when you leave your laptop/PC, just carry on working away on your mobile whether you’re on the bus to work or maybe like Gary Barlow, you’re sitting on the toilet when a great idea suddenly comes to you.

The only thing that lets the Music Maker software down really apart from the issue I had with the tutorial not playing on a browser, is that the software is only available on Windows. It may not be a big issue to most people, but if you’ve ever been in a professional recording studio, or been to visit a university that does music production, a lot of them use Macs.

So, you may end up getting on your dream course at university, or getting a job at a top record label and all you’ve learnt on this would not go to waste, but may not be relevant anymore. Which is a shame as the Music Maker software is top-notch. That said, who knows, maybe in time things will change and everyone will begin using this instead.

So yeah, overall the software is fantastic but I’m probably no closer really to becoming the next big thing in music. There a lot of cool features packed into MAGIX Music Maker Premium and there is an awful lot of content readily available too but you will have to be willing to part with 59 of your finest £ coins, as well as an additional 99 of your pennies.

It may seem a little steep for some, but compared to the competition in the market it’s actually reasonably priced, and if you don’t want to fork out right away, you can test your feet in the waters by downloading a more limited Music Maker free edition which we announced HERE.

The Music Maker Premium TL;DR:

  • Excellent set up for both starters and those who are more advanced.
  • A mahoosive choice of audio loops to choose from, with more available to buy from the MAGIX website.
  • Handy little MAGIX Audio Remote app allows you to control various function.
  • Unfortunately for Mac users, it is only available on Windows.


If you want to find more information on the Music Maker software or any other MAGIX programs, then you can head over to their website Alternatively, follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with all the latest news and offers.

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