MAGIX Movie Edit Plus 2017 review

by Chris Camilleri
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Like MAGIX Movie Editing has always been a passion of mine. Ever since I discovered the beauty of Call of Duty 4 Frag Movies, which were essentially compilations of a whole lot of high-level frags synced to powerful music, I have always dreamt of being a professional movie editor.

Though I am honestly quite a lazy person, meaning my editing sessions were rarely longer than a handful of minutes, I am always on the hunt for software which is both accessible to newcomers while also possessing complex and advanced tools for more experienced users. I am happy to say that, although with some minor flaws, MAGIX’s latest iteration of their signature movie editing software does the trick very well,

MAGIX Movie Edit Premium 2017, as the name implies, is the newest addition to the MAGIX movie software family. One thing which may seem quite a minor issue but is very good is its CPU usage percentage, displayed in the bottom left of the screen. Without the need for complications, this simply displays how much of your CPU is currently being used.

This can help users estimate whether their production is really taking a toll on its PC or if the machine is taking it like a boss. Unfortunately for me, using a 2008 laptop is very unideal, as the software did not fail to realise. An 8-second clip running on over 60% CPU is quite sad honestly, and so my hunt for a new portable has started. But back to us. Apart from the neat CPU Usage display, the software is also very practical for both newcomers and experts alike.

The timeline, where you can preview your clip and add new music, video and effects, is not made of Video, Audio and other “slots” but is instead open, and you can insert any type of media in any slot you so desire, up till the beautiful number of 32. Handy isn’t it?

Another neat feature of the software is that it supports a plethora of movie formats, and it has no problems integrating them into the ongoing clip. This bodes well for the program having the ability to handle and produce 4K movies. MAGIX is one of the first to include 4K output in movie editing software, so for a consumer-level product to feature such an innovative inclusion is quite outstanding from MAGIX.

One of the best features of the software is the proxy editing technique. In short, proxy editing means that the software creates low resolution but identical copies of the items you are using in your project, and lets you work with these clones to save CPU and memory space. Once you finalise the project, the high-resolution assets which have been replaced are restored, and thus you will have the highest quality you can get.

Apart from the above, MAGIX also hosts a mouthwatering number of transitions and effects which will leave users happy for a lot of time, without having to look for extras. Unfortunately, though some effects will have to be downloaded the first time you launch the product, and the download is sizeable indeed; it will take over an hour at average download speeds to install the whole thing. =

Since one is not paying pennies but quite the sum, it would be expected that the whole package would be on board. This is probably the biggest problem with the software, and as one can see, compared to the multiple features it offers, it probably is worth the price and time. Still, if one is willing to go straight ahead to the point the first time firing off the software, it can be a little frustrating dealing with this.

Magix has come up with a software chock full of tools which will make anyone able to create clips in a short amount of time, and with enough practice, becoming a professional editor will not be simply a dream. Movie Edit Plus consists of everything needed in order to create high-quality clips, and at entry level prices, it is honestly a bargain.


If you want to find out more info on the Magix Movie Edit Pro software, you can do so by checking out their website HERE. You can also check out some of our other software reviews by clicking HERE.

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Jimmy March 30, 2017 - 12:10 pm

Can you tell me if this would be ideal for making COD Youtube videos ? Can I add my own music with this program and also overlays and such ?


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