Left-hand Traffic At Last! LONDON DLC For Bus Simulator Game OMSI 2 Launches Today

by Chris Camilleri
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Today the new London DLC for the successful bus simulator game OMSI 2 is launched. The simulation specialists at Aerosoft and developer Rhys McCollin have not only extended the OMSI 2 IP with rich and detailed views of South London. The DLC also simulates left-hand traffic for the first time in OMSI 2.

The OMSI 2 DLC for London is now available in the Aerosoft Shop for 29.20 EUR (£ 26.53).

“Many OMSI 2 players had been asking for a left-hand traffic add-on for quite some time,” says Winfried Diekmann, CEO of Aerosoft. “With so many well-known squares and streets, London is the perfect setting and one of the highlights among all OMSI 2 DLCs. We are sure that there will be many fans on both sides of the English Channel”.

“We took an extremely large number of photos, which we used as the basis for the city views in the game,” says developer Rhys McCollin. “This allowed us to incorporate a great deal of detail, which greatly enhances the realism of the game. We are very proud of that.” ­

16 routes on more than 30 miles (approx. 50 km) of London’s road network were recreated for the DLC. Players can pick up or drop off passengers at over 200 bus stops. In 5 depots 4 different and detailed replicated bus types are available: The New Routemaster, Citybus 200 and Citybus 400 as well as the B5LH / Evocity. 
All buses are equipped with a replicated iBus system for automatic location
and customization of announcements and with fully functional power blinds. There are also interactive route diagrams to help drivers find their way. 

A special feature are the acoustic announcements, which are the official sounds from London’s transport authority “Transport for London” (TfL) – just like this one.

On London’s streets, players will have to watch out for numerous new AI such as emergency vehicles, postal workers, cabs or trains to get passengers safely to their destination. In addition, there are always dynamic events such as road works or traffic detour that force the players to react spontaneously. Good driving skills are therefore required; just like in the real world. But please always keep to the left.


The features:

  • First complex left-hand traffic in OMSI 2 
  • 16 routes covering South London with over 200 bus stops and over 30 miles of road
  • A large number of new AI vehicles, such as trains and emergency vehicles.
  • Realistically recreated streets and buildings based on photos taken by the developer
  • New iBus and powerblinds with full functionality
  • 4 detailed buses, like the New Routemaster, Citybus 400, Citybus 200 and B5LH / Evociti
  • Interactive route diagrams that support the driver
  • Dynamic events like road works, detours, route restrictions
  • 5 depots from which the player can start his journey in London.

More information about Aerosoft can be found at Aerosoft on the webFacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram.

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