Is Destiny 2 worth playing in 2022?

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Destiny 2 was officially released in 2017. The players were not happy, because at that time there was still support for the first part, and the new game did not provide drastic changes. And the price for “Destiny” was $40 for a regular edition. What has changed since the release of the game?

Bungie, which is developing the game, has left under the wing of Activision, which cannot but please the players. The creators were all the time driven into the framework of the publisher and could not bring their own ideas. The project had many microtransactions that significantly broke the game. I had to pour in a huge amount of money to feel comfortable in the gaming world.

Destiny 2 gameplay

Since 2019, the game has migrated to Steam and has become completely free. At the start, PvE story content is available to the user, which introduces the history of the world. It is worth noting that Bungie devotes a lot of time to lore. The story missions are full of characters that you remember as you progress through the game. The unexpected twists and endings of events will definitely please the players.

Various PvP modes are also available. According to statistics, players spend less time in arenas, as the game still positions itself as an MMORPG. The huge world is teeming with secrets and activities where you can earn resources to improve your character.

Destiny 2”s market competition

Bungie isn’t the only one developing an MMO with shooter elements. They compete with Digital Extremes and their Warframe, as well as Bioware with Anthem. The Canadians were unable to create a competitive game and online with several thousand players was only the start. There is simply nothing to do in Anthem, there is little content, and players were quickly left without activities.

If everything is very clear with the latter, then Warframe is the main rival in the fight for the audience. The games have a lot of similarities, but even at this point, there are a lot of differences. Digital Extremes has been developing the project since 2013 and there have already been many updates that have significantly changed the game. Now Warframe also has an open world, its own storyline, and various dungeons. It is difficult to compare these games and say which one is better.

Warframe artwork shooting an enemy

To do this, players themselves will have to experience the gameplay. Destiny 2 is smoother and the player feels his character better, what is happening on the screen is not blind and you can safely follow what is happening. Warframe is more dynamic. Often you can not even understand what happened on the monitor screen and in which part of the map the character ended up.

If we take into account the indicators of online players, then it is unstable. At the release of an add-on in one of the games, the online level rises significantly, and the competitor is left with fewer players. This situation happens all the time and it is impossible to choose a clear leader. As of December 2020, open statistics show the following: Destiny 2 is in 8th place in popularity with over 66k peak online players; Warframe occupies a position at number 17 and peak online at over 40 thousand.

Relevance of Destiny 2 now

The developers regularly release new paid DLCs for Destiny 2, the last of these was The Witch Queen on February 22, 2022. It brought with it a lot of new things: a very interesting story campaign, activities, equipment, a weapon crafting system, raids (check Vow of the Disciple Carry), various changes, and, of course, the 16th season. The world is open and you can explore it from the first minutes of the game.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen


As noted earlier, the game boasts of its smooth shooting. Shooting in Destiny 2 is a pleasure, gunfights are diluted with different jumps and hand-to-hand combat. Standing in one place and shooting back will not work. The dynamics of the game do not get bored. In addition to a good combat system, players will appreciate the management of transport. You will have to explore huge locations on different bikes or tanks for more than one hour in the game.

The graphics in Destiny 2 are made at a high level. Locations are extensive and elaborated. On their territory, you can find various side quests. All effects are worked out at the proper level. What is happening on the screen can be easily distinguished and not confused in bright flashes.

Gamepad lovers will be able to easily use their device in Destiny. The first part of the game was exclusive to consoles. Bungie did a great job with the controls in Destiny 1 and it all carried over into the second part.


If you play non-stop, you can quickly get to Destiny 2’s end-game content. A player who has reached the ceiling in character development will be able to easily close various events in the company of other users. Often there is nothing to do, and existing activities do not motivate to study them.

Over the 3 years of existence, the enemies have not particularly changed significantly. Plot villains are often repeated and may just change their appearance design. Mobs that are found on the map do not change at all. It’s all fast-paced.

It will be quite difficult for a beginner to join the game. There are a lot of different mechanics in Destiny 2 that are better to learn before starting. Wrong actions in raids can set up the whole team. For example, if you shoot black orbs during a mission, you can increase the difficulty level. There are many such trifles in the game and it is desirable to study them.

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen combat


There is a donut in the game, but it does not affect the gameplay. In Destiny, any item can be obtained without investing money. All it takes is a grind of a few hours/days, depending on the desired item. Real money can be spent on various kinds of customization or a battle pass.

The Battle Pass has two modes. Free and paid. It is available by default to all players, and for an additional amount, a paid option opens with more valuable prizes. The problem of the pass lies in its complex pumping. You will have to complete the same type of missions. Their main reward is the past experience, the rest of the loot is trash.


If you ask yourself the question “to play Destiny 2 or not to play”, then the answer is obvious – to play. The developer does not force you to buy the game, you can first try the free content and then buy additional add-ons. Since the donation is optional in the game, free-to-play players will be satisfied. The project is constantly updated, and new seasonal events are released. In Destiny 2, you can go for a couple of hours and enjoy the game.

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