iFun Screen Recorder review

by Chris Camilleri
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Among the various screen recording software currently available, there are some who definitely are renowned for their quality and performance. OBS comes to mind when mentioning screen recording due to its popularity when streaming, but other programs can do just as fine a job without the complexity of OBS’s software. One of these programs is iFun Screen Recorder.

iFun Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder from IOBit, and it does everything you would want a similar software to do. The interface is very straightforward, and with a number of options to select or deselect your preferences, you are good to go in a matter of minutes after installation. Speaker, Microphone, Mouse and Webcam toggle is very handy to have as you can change your settings on the fly from recording to recording, even with the smallest delay between one and the other.

ifun screen recorder

The software also permits the users to select either the whole screen or a particular region or window of choice to be captured, making the program more accessible. This way, one can for example capture a small area on the screen while being still able to browse other settings with the area not being recorded. This feature is most useful with people not on a dual monitor setup, but even having such a configuration can yield benefits of using this program.

Apart from being easy to setup and configure, iFun Screen Recorder is also very simple to use. After you go over the desired settings from the above, or even check the more advanced settings through the options menu at the top, all one needs to do is select their preferred area of capture and click record. A small toolbar will then be visible when recording with pause and stop recording features to help you pause and halt the session. There is also a screenshot button so users can take a still of the content being captured without the need to halt the whole recording as a whole.

iFun Screen Recorder is also very practical to use, and the recordings are visible immediately below the screen recorder itself, so you can practically finish a session and instantly watch the recording without any processing time whatsoever. Recording size is very reasonable too, and since it saves to MP4 format, the videos can be opened even in VLC.

Although as mentioned before the software is incredibly easy to use, there is still a very handy guide section on IOBit‘s website, detailing every aspect involved in how to record screen on Windows 10. The guide is separate from the help section as well, and both will give very useful information as to how to use the software optimally.

This screen recorder is surely very handy to have, but there are also other products from IOBit which can provide a similar experience. One of which, the online screen recorder, does not even require a download and can help with similar tasks as those which iFun Screen Recorder excels at straight from the browser.

iFun Screen Recorder overall thoughts

After using the software for some days, I can honestly say that iFun Screen Recorder is a great program, and one which will surely not hurt to download since it is free, and being this easy to set up is another huge benefit of this software. It does its job perfectly, and with minimal settings to configure which are even an added benefit to your screen recording experience.

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