How reviews impact a game’s commercial success

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The world of video games and online gaming represents a massively lucrative industry. We should know, we write enough news and reviews about these games. But for every multi-million-dollar success story, there are hundreds of games that never make it and, in some cases, fail to recoup the costs of development and distribution. Nevertheless, the popularity and potential profitability of gaming have led to a ridiculously overcrowded marketplace, as developers compete fiercely to make their games a hit.

Opinion and information

In such a competitive and crowded environment, a positive review is one of the main ways a game gets to stand out and get noticed. In some cases, even a bad or indifferent review is better than no coverage at all. A negative review at least informs people that the game exists and tells them something about it. It’s possible that some segments of the audience may be intrigued by a description of the game, even if the reviewer didn’t like it.

In-depth description

The situation is no different for free-to-play casino games. These also have to compete to attract players, hence the generous welcome bonuses and other incentives to sign up. This Spinit casino review demonstrates how a review can include an in-depth description of what a gaming site has to offer and how it compares to similar ventures. 

Establishing trust

In such cases, readers may look to review sites to see if an online casino provides value for money and that it is 100% legitimate, as well as to ascertain the quality and variety of the games it has to offer. Independent review sites are important in establishing trust in the often-wild world of the internet, and many find reading reviews before signing up as necessary due diligence.

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Measuring success

In the video game arena, studies have shown that reviews are among several contributing factors that can impact a game’s commercial success. The industry looks at reviews as a way of measuring how well a game is performing. In particular, the aggregate review scores on sites like Metacritic are used as a crucial metric.


Securing a positive early access review is an important part of the pre-release marketing campaign for a game. Rightly or wrongly, positive review scores can mean a company will promote the game more strenuously and is perhaps more likely to reward the developers with a bonus or commission a follow-up. Overall negative reviews can mean support is withdrawn and can have a deleterious effect on the future careers of those involved.

Casual vs. hardcore

One interesting point is that reviews for casual games are seen as less accurate and less important than those for “hardcore” games. Critics tend to be hardcore gamers themselves, and even if they don’t look down on casual games, they often find there is less for them to get their teeth into in a review. However, people who play casual games are less likely to be influenced by a review. Other factors such as accessibility, or being invited to play by a friend, are more likely to determine their choice.

Mobile gaming playing candycrush can help ease Mental Health even if you are just writing reviews for it

Reviews are not the only element that goes into determining a game’s success, but they are important. For players, they give them an idea of what to expect before they invest their money and/or time, while the industry uses them as a vital metric. Reviews remain an essential part of the overall gaming ecosystem, whether they appear in written form like our reviews HERE, or in video content like some of the reviews on our YouTube Channel.

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