Though many people don’t consider esports to be an actual sport, there are many arguments that can explain why it should be considered as one. Sports are when individuals and teams compete against each other while displaying physical exertion and showcasing high levels of skill. Sounds exactly like esports, right?

The esports scene has been rapidly growing in the past decade and can now be considered one of the few billion-dollar industries in the world. Esports has also adapted to elements of traditional sports, as the industry has also taken on tournaments, sponsors, betting, and streaming. If the growth of esports keeps pace, with millions of players joining monthly, esports can easily become the leading sport of the 21st century, and here’s why.

1 – High levels of competition are already present

Just like in traditional sports such as football and basketball, esports fans can easily follow professional players and teams and watch them play live in the many tournaments that esports has to offer. The competitive scene in all esports can also include storylines, rivalries, and massive multi-million dollar esports tournaments that can get fans hyped up to watch. You can keep up with these tournaments through our website.

All of the professional players are incredibly skilled, and it is a treat for esports fans to watch the absolute best players in the world play against each other. Underdogs and newborn prodigies will also show up from time to time and surprise the entire world as they fight for the title against the top dogs. The best teams are always changing as new names rise to the challenge. This makes the esports scene very competitive and exciting to watch.

2 – Millions of dollars and viewers are involved in tournaments

Just like the NBA and other football leagues, esports also has millions of dollars involved in it, where players are competing with each other for insane amounts of money in the prize pools of tournaments. In 2021, Dota 2 held The International 10, where the accumulated prize pool reached over 40 million USD, with the champions taking home 18 million USD!

Team Spirit esports team won The International 10 and earned over $18m

The amount of money and glory from these prestigious tournaments doesn’t only attract the best players but also draws in viewers to watch the matches as well. It is nothing new for millions of people from all around the world to be watching the same match at the exact same time.

This also gives people opportunities to take part in esports gambling, where you can learn and keep track of matches online. Esports tournaments are also often held in large stadiums, with packed crowds filling the venue to the brim. If esports continues to grow, more of these tournaments can be held in different venues all around the world!

3 – Everyone can be included in esports

Unlike traditional sports such as volleyball and basketball, where the majority of the players require being tall, esports doesn’t require any genes or physical traits to partake in. The gender gap is also non-existent, as both genders will have an equal playing field when no physical requirements are needed. This is an incredibly positive notion, which can attract more women to try their shot in the esports scene.

The esports scene also gives lots of flexibility, as players can play from computers, laptops, consoles, and mobile devices, you name it! This further makes esports very inclusive to everyone and really gives every single person a chance. People can also train their esports skills from any place at any time of the day, unlike in sports where people don’t typically train at night.

4 – Sponsors, organisations, and media are joining in

Proof of the scene’s rapid growth is the involvement of big-name sponsors and organisations pitching their money into this growing industry, with names such as Red Bull, Intel, Ferrari, and many more. Paris Saint-Germain, the massive football team, has also invested in the scene, partnering up with Chinese organization LGD, to make a Dota 2 superteam that has existed up till now.

These incredibly huge deals are happening because these large organizations understand the potential for growth in the industry, and wealthy individuals and businesses are joining in quickly. Influencers and famous celebrities are also entering the ship, with names such as Snoop Dogg, Drake, and Kevin Durant already investing in the industry.

Esports Stage for DoTA 2 Pro Series Melbourne

5 – Many career opportunities

Though playing games and watching tournaments is usually consumed by people as entertainment, just like traditional sports, there are a handful of career opportunities that enthusiasts can take part in. Getting jobs in esports can even be easier than in traditional sports, as there are no physical requirements such as height, meaning that jobs can be open to anyone!

The ideal career choice that youngsters are dreaming of is to become professional players. These professional players can have tens of thousands of dollars in monthly salaries and can get millions of dollars in prize pool winnings. Though this sounds amazing, only a select few can actually pursue this career option, as the professional scene only looks for the very best players.

If you don’t have the skills to play at the top 0.01 percentile, don’t worry, as you can be involved in content creation, streaming, journalism, video editing, and much more! With esports growing at a quick pace, the demand for jobs involved in platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and others will continue to increase, and with a larger workforce in the industry, the scene can grow to become the biggest sport in the 21st century.


In conclusion, the esports scene is growing steadily every single day and is catching the eyes of more and more celebrities and athletes. It definitely can become a leading sport as it is inclusive to everyone, of any body size, height, etc., and gives them all an equal playing field, unlike traditional sports. Jobs in the scene are also starting to get in high demand, and if done properly, can attract more and more people to join in on the fun.

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