3 gift ideas for the PS5 enthusiast

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If you want to make a PS5 fan happy, there’s no better way than offering them something that will make their gaming experience even better. Are you not really familiar with the gaming world? Worry not – we’ve prepared a list of gifts that may serve as an inspiration. 

Choosing a present for a PS5 fan as a non-gamer, you may feel some frustration and confusion, which is entirely understandable. The complexity of the gaming world, with its different technologies and types of consoles, can give you a headache. But with our suggestions, making a choice of the present can become at least a little easier!

What to offer a PS5 fan? Here are some ideas you may find helpful. All the propositions are easily available for ordering online in a broad price range.

PSN Top-Up Cards

These players that keep up to date with the new technologies and invest in all the newly released gadgets can be a hard nut to crack. But there is one solution that won’t ever fail you – a PlayStation voucher. It can be exchanged for the funds in the wallet in the PS shop. That’s a perfect solution if you’re not sure whether your gamer has already bought a particular game.

CDKeys PSN Top Up Cards suitable for PS5

Personalized PS5 controller

Customised controller specialist aimcontrollers can help you find a customised essential part of the console equipment. Controllers of course should be, first of all, functional – but that doesn’t mean they cannot look great! Design your own custom PlayStation 5 controller and prepare a perfect personal present for your gamer. 

On https://eu.aimcontrollers.com/ you can order a custom PS5 configurator at an affordable price. What elements can you personalize? Touchpad panel, buttons, grip, triggers, and many more! Choose the theme and colour palette that will resonate with the one you plan to gift. 

High-quality speakers

The great quality of sound provides a gamer with a higher level of immersion. Adding another pair of speakers will give it more depth and dimension. A soundbar with a great bass is a perfect gift for the gamer. Which aspects are the most important? We advise verifying the performance of the speakers – some can last even over 20 hours without charging! Bluetooth and USB connection is a must.

Helium 610 BT Speakers Unboxed

Choosing a particular game may not be the best decision if you want to gift gaming enthusiasts since they may already have it in their collection. Instead, you may select one of the presents recommended above. The risk of duplicating is way lower! The PS5 enthusiasts will also enjoy such gifts as wireless headphones or an HD camera with an adapter to play VR games.

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