Your guide to casino bonuses in 2023

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Casino bonuses are one of the best features of today’s online casinos, and more and more operators include them in the offering in order to attract new members and keep the existing ones. So whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned player, promotions can make a big difference in your gaming experience.

But with a huge variety of options out there, sometimes it can be tricky to know where to find the best offers for your taste. That is why we prepared this extensive guide that will help you learn everything you need to know about casino bonuses in 2023.

How do casino bonuses work?

Casino bonuses are the reward that casinos give out to their members only, and they can be claimed through different activities like opening an account on the website, making a deposit, and more. The players can then claim a variety of freebies like bonus cash and free spins, among others.

Of course, all the rewards are optional and no player is obliged to use them. However, if you decide to make use of promotion, it is important to note that each one of them is governed by its own set of terms and conditions. Therefore, you should always read the rules that control the use of the reward you’re interested in before you decide to claim it. That way you will always know what to expect. Being conditioned to spend a certain amount of money before you can cash out a reward is one of the most common conditions out there, but they do vary significantly.

Casino Bonuses on slots available at no deposit casinos

The benefits of casino bonuses

Using casino bonuses can give you a great head start at an online casino, especially if you’re a total beginner in the world of virtual gambling. As a new player, you can rely on freebies to reduce the risk of losing real money. Basically, the rewards give you an opportunity to increase your chances of winning without spending more cash at the same time. This way you will extend your initial bankroll and have more use of it.

At the same time, the prizes will allow you to get started with new games without the fear of having to spend too much. Online casinos feature thousands of different games, and oftentimes, the operators attach special casino bonuses to the release of new titles so the users could try them out for free or with great discounts.

Different types of casino rewards

Each online operator has its own variety of promotions, so let’s take a look at some of the best rewards you can claim in 2023:

200% casino bonuses

A 200% bonus is an offer that is usually presented to new members, allowing them to claim an additional 200% of the initial deposit they make. So after creating the account and loading it with the first cash amount, the users are free to claim the reward. However, each operator defines the minimum deposit amount required to claim a 200% casino bonus. For example, if the minimum deposit amount is €100 and you load the account with €300, you will get access to a total of €900.

But it is important to know that the providers usually also put a cap on the maximum amount of cash that a player can win through the promotion, as well as some additional playthrough requirements needed to cash out the winnings after playing. Therefore, this is definitely one of the freebies where reading the terms and conditions is an essential step in order to know what the reward can provide you with.

No deposit casino bonuses

As suggested by the name, a no-deposit bonus is the type of reward where you can get something valuable without having to use any of your own money. Such rewards are usually offered after sign-up, and creating an account is normally the only requirement needed in order to claim the freebie.

Some operators require the players to use a bonus code beforehand, but the majority of them just credit the cash automatically. Even though most of the time they come in the form of cash prizes that stand around €10 to €20, some platforms offer free spins instead. The wagering requirements behind no-deposit rewards are often set at 1x-5x, depending on the game you’re looking to use them with.

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Free spins

Free spins are the promos that are exclusive to online slots, and their use is often limited to specific video slot game titles. This type of promotion has become quite popular in recent years, mainly because it does not involve any complicated conditioning. Instead, it just allows you to try your luck with some of the most popular online slot machines.

You will have to spend a particular amount of your own cash before you can withdraw the winnings, depending on the amount of money you won. But the rules are always pretty straightforward. Free spins are often included in welcome packages, and they normally come in batches that range from 10 to 100, or even more.


Online gambling sites love when the existing users bring in a friend, neighbour, or a daily member to play, and they are always ready to entice such behaviour. The type of reward is called a “refer a friend” bonus, and it relies heavily on good old word-of-mouth marketing. Namely, when a referral creates an account and deposits a specific amount of money, the user who referred them will receive a reward to claim.

The rewards come in a wide range that includes cash prizes, free spins, or even raffle tickets for a draw. Even though the rewards may not be that high in value, it is a truly effortless reward system with convenient freebies.

Cashback rewards

Cashback rewards were introduced by online casinos as a way to enable users to get some of their money back after they’ve lost through their favourite games. Most of the time the operators formulate cashback bonuses through credits that allow the players to continue wagering without depositing extra cash into+ their accounts. On the other hand, some operators simply treat the users with direct cash payments. For instance, if you’ve lost a specific amount of money, you can expect to receive a pre-defined percentage of the amount.

Cashbacks are usually capped in two different ways. You will either be refunded a certain amount of money, and the reward will be available for a limited amount of time, usually during the first 24 hours. Even though cashback freebies depend on the amount of money you’ve lost and they come with other types of restrictions, they are still a really nice way to support the players who’ve found themselves on a bad streak.

Welcome casino bonuses are available at safe online casinos. An online casino with digital versions of cards and chips

Loyalty prizes

Loyalty rewards are part of the majority of VIP programs designed by online gambling sites. Each player can acquire the VIP status once they go over a particular milestone defined by the operator, and it is usually attached to the amount of money wagered on the platform.

Online casinos value high-rollers, and it is no surprise that they provide special perks for members of their VIP clubs. The rewards range from exclusive cash casino bonuses to extraordinary rewards like winning a vacation in Vegas and getting access to a dedicated account manager. Many memberships come in tiered levels, each being subject to its own conditions.

Reload bonuses

Reload casino bonuses work exceptionally well with the initial packages that some platforms offer to their new members after the signup process. Basically, the reload rewards regenerate the moment after the first deposit was made and the initial reward has been exhausted. For instance, if the player has already used their 200% match-up bonus, they will be given a chance to make another deposit and claim a follow-up reward of the same kind.

The promotion is ideal for fast-paced gamers and high-rollers, and it sometimes includes free spins as well. It is essentially a win-win situation for both the operator and the player since the user is getting another shot at the already claimed reward, and the casino is building its client retention by preventing the player from continuing to look for new freebies on other websites.

Live casino bonuses

As the immersive world of live dealer games becomes more popular than ever, players are also facing more and more offers attached to this category of gaming. Most of the time, live gamers are treated with reload casino bonuses and weekly cashback. On the contrary, no-deposit casino bonuses are very unlikely to be found in live games. However, some online operators host live gaming tournaments where players can compete against each other and win a share of a generous prize pool.

Concluding thoughts

Today’s online casinos offer an incredible variety of casino bonuses, and making use of them is a sure way to maximize your virtual gambling experience. The rewards come in different forms, each conforming to its own set of terms and conditions, and now that you’re familiar with their basics, you are ready to start claiming your favourites.

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