Goblins Keep Coming review: Get out of my swamp

by Kaesiya
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Goblins Keep Coming is an isometric 3D tower defense game where swarms of goblins relentlessly attack your humble castle. And whilst the premise might be simple, there’s a lot more than what first meets the eye.

Goblins Keep Coming
At first glance it may look simple – but simple doesn’t necessarily mean bad

The game begins with four pathways. Initially, goblins will only spawn on one pathway which allows for a gradual introduction to the game. Pathways are linear and stay the same so that players are able to plan their defence strategy each time, based on previous playthroughs.

The player starts with a meagre 500 gold to set up their defences. These defences come in the form of towers which can be upgraded if and when funds allow. Upgrades include speed, strength and level which, if used right, will help you to beat the goblins into submission. If used incorrectly, well… get ready to crash and burn. Building mines when you get the opportunity will help you to build an economy strong enough to withstand each attack as they will churn out a certain amount of gold after each wave. This gold can then be used to upgrade your defences, or repair your castle.

Goblins Keep Coming is surprisingly difficult to master and requires a lot of patience. It is almost certain that you’ll have to restart again and again before you familiarise yourself with the best set-up and upgrades. And even when you think you’ve got the hang of it, random events can occur which can send the whole thing crumbling down. Massive hordes of goblins, tricky enemy combinations and King Goblins all stop at nothing until your castle is a steaming hot pile of rubble. As well as this, the game is endless; each wave getting harder, faster, and stronger (Daft Punk, anyone?) with a variety of enemy combinations and difficulties, trying to take you down from each side of the map.

If this is what wave 22 looks like, I dread to think about wave 200..

Goblins Keep Coming overall thoughts

Despite its difficulty, it is this very thing that makes Goblins Keep Coming so addictive as it becomes a race to beat your personal best each time. For a mere £1.69 you get a game that is highly replayable, even if it is just for the allure of Steam achievements. And whilst it may not look particularly modern, it is a game that will entertain both adults, and older children, alike.

Goblins Keep Coming is available on Steam here! If you found this review useful, be sure to check out more of our gaming reviews here!

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