Thor 380, 400, and 401 RGB – Genesis presents new, low-profile mechanical keyboards.

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Functional, effective, and durable – new, illuminated mechanical gaming keyboards from Genesis have all these features. Closed in aluminium cases, the low-profile Thor 380, 400, and 401 RGB models differ in their switches. Gamers can pick the ones according to their needs.

The Genesis Thor 380 RGB is a mechanical keyboard with Outemu Blue switches. They feature distinct feedback, an audible click sound and a detectable stroke. The Genesis Thor 400 RGB equipped with Kailh RED switches is intended for those gamers who prefer linear switches. Those who are looking for a keyboard with good feedback without audible clicking sounds should think about the Thor 401 RGB with Kailh Brown switches. The activation force for this model is around 45g.

Genesis Thor 401 Keyboard

All of these keyboards have aluminum cases and depressed keys with low profile. The prints are made with “Double Injection” technology, so that the symbols will withstand the test of time. What’s more, the N-key rollover mechanism effortlessly handles situations when the user pushes all buttons at once. RGB Illumination completes the set. Users can select from one of 13 light modes, including the PRISMO effect, a signature feature of the manufacturer.

The Genesis Thor 400 RGB, 401 RGB, and 380 RGB include software for changing settings, for example macro saving. Preferences are saved on the in-built memory. All of the units are equipped with function gauges, a set of keys for controlling multimedia and Windows key block function. The detachable wrist support enhances the convenient nature of the model. And collapsible feet allow the users to change the position angle.

Genesis Thor 400 Keyboard wrist rest detached

Genesis Thor 380 RGB, 400 RGB and 401 RGBl keyboards will be available for purchase in a couple of days. The first model will cost around 59.80€, while the 400 series devices will cost around 69.80€.

You can find more of Genesis’ keyboards by clicking HERE to head to their official site. We recently reviewed their Thor 300 keyboard which you can read HERE. And don’t forget, you can find more tech news HERE.

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