Essex: The Whale Hunter, a new game inspired by “Moby-Dick” , revealed

by Chris Camilleri
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Ultimate Games S.A. has revealed Essex: The Whale Hunter, a whaling simulator inspired by “ Moby-Dick” . According to the creators, the new title will offer a high seas adventure filled with emotions and realism. The game will take place in the 19th century, on the island of Nantucket and the Atlantic Ocean. The release date is set to 2023. Essex: The Whale Hunter will appear on PC, as well as consoles: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

The game is being developed by the Polish studio 3T Games and will be published by Ultimate Games S.A. It is yet another collaboration between the companies (following the previously-announced Smuggler Simulator).

Essex: The Whale Hunter is a single-player focused whaling simulator that will allow you to embark on a great adventure in the open waters of the Atlantic. The player will step into the shoes of a whaling ship captain, and the gameplay will feature various elements related to whale hunting, including the majestic and awe-inspiring cachalots.

The new project by 3T Games and Ultimate Games S.A. is one of the very few games that directly refer to the classics of American literature. The creators explain that their goal is to combine the fascinating world depicted by Herman Melville in “ Moby-Dick” with attractive and varied gameplay.

“ In Essex: The Whale Hunter, players will embark on a unique journey through a world that no longer exists. The bulk of the action will take place on the Atlantic, but we will also visit the island of Nantucket, which could be described as the Wall Street of 19th-century whaling. Herman Melville’s masterpiece serves as our main inspiration during development, and we’re striving to properly capture the unique nature of this multi-dimensional novel ” – said Rafał Jelonek, CEO at 3T Games.

Players will have to face many challenges and start with the very basics, such as recruiting the optimal crew. Proper maintenance of the ship will play a crucial role. While the game will, naturally, focus on the search and hunt for whales, it will also include economic elements and allow you to trade the gathered resources.

As the creators emphasise, more details will be revealed at a later time.

Essex: The Whale Hunter – main features:

  • play a whaling simulator inspired by Herman Melville’s “Moby-Dick”;
  • hunt for cachalots and other whales;  choose and manage your crew;
  • maintain a whaling ship;
  • harvest and trade resources;
  • explore the island of Nantucket and the Atlantic Ocean.

The launch of Essex: The Whale Hunter is scheduled for 2023. The game will be released for PC (Steam) and consoles: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

Wishlist Essex: The Whale Hunter (Steam)

Essex: The Whale Hunter – Official Reveal Trailer

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