Empires in Ruins leaving Early Access

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Version 1.0 of our latest game, Empires in Ruins, will release on the 25th of March after 13 months of Early Access.

Empires in Ruins is a story-driven, grand strategy game that merges 4X-like empire and campaign management with real-time tower defence battles. If it sounds strange, well, know that when it was first released in February 2020, one of the most common comments in videos and reviews was “surprisingly, this mix works very well.”

Empires in Ruins gameplay

Indeed, it’s been a long year, but now, after 67 updates, the developers can finally see the finish line approaching. Players’ feedback helped them a lot, and they think that even though Empires in Ruins entered EA in a fairly good state, it’s now a much better game to play. They’re proud of the ‘Very Positive’ rating they currently have on Steam, which is testament to the work the team has put in.

The game will release localized in Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

The game visuals are all 2D, created using the 90s technique of prerendering 3D models, and a tribute to the likes of Age of Empires, Stronghold Crusader and Heroes of Might and Magic. The setting, atmosphere and dialogue style is inspired by military fantasy classics like Malazan Book of the Fallen and Black Company.

Empires in Ruins release trailer

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