Top Seven Fighting Game Characters – Advertised Feature

Fighting Games streamed to monitor whilst being played on mobile
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  1. Dillon Sickels says:

    Unpopular opinion: Ryu sucks ;

    1. MaddOx says:

      And who would make your list?

  2. No Tekken or Smash characters? wtf man ?!?!?!

  3. So who are in the top 5 for you?

  4. hmmmm I’d say:

    5. Scorpion, as he’s the face of MK and been carrying the franchise for so long
    4. Jin Kazama, being in the Tekken franchise spotlight since Tekken 4 and will be in future titles as well
    3. Ryu, single-handedly brought SF on the map and is now a staple in the FGC
    2. Kazuya Mishima, the real antagonist in the Tekken series ever since Tekken 2
    1. Heihachi Mishima, the face of Tekken ever since its inception, a very contrasting figure which you can either like or hate, and generally both

    1. MaddOx says:

      Now it’s just very bias toward Tekken. And you’ve not even included the one and only Yoshimitsu!

  5. shet you may be right haha
    i am biased towards Tekken alright haha, but I have to give you credit Yoshi is amazing

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