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Writing essays is a core part of every student’s academic life. However, finding time to write these essays to the quality and detail required by professors is often tricky, given the busier life of the modern student.

That’s why most students have turned to outsourcing their essay writing. Estimates show that more than 20,000 students use essay writing services. Therefore, they order work on paper and buy an essay online from professionals working with and other services.

Students are also paying a lot of attention to essay writing apps which promise a better, faster, and more professional way of writing essays. Let’s delve a little deeper into why students seek help with their essays and examine some of the top apps for essay writing.

Why Get Essay Writing Services?

Essay writing services are becoming popular by the day. But why are students flocking to get help with their assignments?

One of the biggest reasons is the overwhelming demands on the modern student. Students taking multiple courses are often loaded with numerous essays to complete. Therefore, purchasing an essay presents itself as the most logical option.

International students whose English is not their first language also often buy an essay from essay writing companies. They can easily contract the services of an expert proficient in the language and subject and be sure of a great-quality essay from the writer. 

Best Apps for Essay Writing

While some students might entirely purchase an essay, some may use a few apps, such as a document editor, to optimize some bits of their essay writing for better results. No matter the approach you wish to take, here are some of the best apps for essay writing you can use today.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Aid is a copyediting tool for copywriters, bloggers, assignment writers, fictional writers, and essay writers. This cloud-based software finds issues in your writing, eliminates errors, and edits grammar and punctuation quickly.

There are free and paid versions of Pro Writing Aid with the software running on all operating systems. You can also opt-in for the 14-day free trial and experience all the premium features before committing to a subscription.

You can use Pro Writing Aid with other document editing tools such as MS Word, Scrivener, Google Docs, Chrome, or use the Pro Writing Aid API. 

Free users are limited to running reports on 500 words at a time. The premium version price starts at $20 monthly or $79 annually.


Grammarly is one of the best apps you can use to improve the quality of your essay writing. It helps you correct misspellings, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes, plus other common mistakes you can make while writing your essay.

The app has an online proofreader that detects spelling, grammar, word choice, and style mistakes. Grammarly also comes bundled with a plagiarism checker that compares your essay against millions across the web. 

Grammarly is useful to bloggers, authors, content marketers, students, and academics. You can also get it as a desktop app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chrome plugins. 

The free version serves bloggers and writers with a limited budget, with the paid version packing all the features.


Simplenote is a clean, light, and free note-taking app. It’s best for drafting ideas about your essay and collecting them in one accessible source. Simplenote backs up your notes and comes bundled with a search function that makes finding them easy and fast.

The app also dons a simple and minimalistic look on all platforms, making it intuitive. All text on the app is stylized using Markdown, one of the most-used styles in academic writing and essays. Therefore, while learning Markdown, you’ll be fulfilling a core essay writing requirement for most students.

Simplenote is entirely free, with no upgrades or in-app purchases. Depending on your preferred platform, you can get an iOS, web, Windows, Android, Linux, or macOS version.

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FocusWriter is a free, open-source writing app used to take notes at school, produce texts, and write and compose essays on any device. The app includes live word counts that help you keep track of the number of words you’re writing per the essay requirements.

FocusWriter also packs a spell checker, real-time stats, document tabs, styles, and a hideaway interface that makes it easy to hide everything and only focus on the essay you’re working on. You can also set milestones on the app, making it an ideal choice for language enthusiasts, authors, and college students. 


Ulysses is an essay-writing app designed to eliminate distractions and serve as a clean interface for writing compelling essays. It is an intuitive essay-writing app designed for iPad users.

Ulysses packs a markup-based editor, publishing options, writing objectives, a library for organizing notes, and other features to ensure students maximize every bit of their essay writing. Therefore, you can use it for long and short academic papers.

Ulysses also allows the student to transform their essay into a PDF with the option of publishing the work directly on Medium or WordPress.


Studybay is a paper writing app that allows you to purchase an essay from qualified experts and save yourself all the trouble of balancing work, life, and academics. The platform is the brainchild of a group of tech enthusiasts and leading global educators who want to deliver a service that would help students achieve their academic goals.

Studybay offers its services from global experts who’ve attended leading colleges and universities. These experts pass a strict test and verification exercise to ensure their claimed academic and professional expertise is true.

The platform has served over 3 million students in over 100 countries through 5,000 experts. Studybay’s services are plagiarism-free and cover various topics and academic subjects such as history, biology, and nursing.

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Hemingway is an excellent tool for improving your essay readability. It is also a very comprehensive proofreading tool for essays. The Hemingway app can also point out sentences too complex to read and help you streamline your points and thoughts in the paper. Therefore, you produce essays that are bold, concise, and clear.

The app can also pick up passive voice, run-on sentences, and comma splices, ensuring that you keep your sentences short and attention-grabbing to the reader.

There is a free web version. The desktop app retails at $20.


Evernote is a cross-platform note-taking application ideal for processing handwritten notes that you may have quickly jotted down during class. This may be the potential title of your essay, an outline, exciting articles on the web, or a helpful research paper the professor mentioned in class.

Evernote is versatile, storing almost everything you may need, from a simple typed note to an article. 

The app is very popular among Mac users, though it’s cross-platform. You can get the Evernote app on Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android, each version coming with offline access. 

Evernote has three tiers – free, plus, and premium. The plus tier costs $34.99 annually, with the premium tier costing $69.99 annually.

Get Help from a Trusted App

When overwhelmed with responsibilities, it may be prudent to seek academic assistance or purchase an essay from an academic help service. Whether you want to take down a few notes, check the readability of your essay, or buy an essay from a service like Studybay, there’s a trusted app available for the services you need.

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