Become a Student of Life in Squeaky Wheels’s Academia School Simulator!

by Chris Camilleri
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Welcome to the Academia Class of 1.0

Squeaky Wheel is excited to announce that Academia: School Simulator will officially graduate from Early Access to Version 1.0 in January 2021.

With over almost 100K players since Early Access in 2017, School Simulator has received a lot of updates, balancing patching and bug fixes. Thanks to the incredible feedback from the community, the game is now ready for its official release in January.


Version 1.0 will include a new difficulty level, UX improvements and additional polish to elevate the gameplay even further. In addition, the team focused on adding additional ingame events, achievements and end-game content. 

Version 1.0 will be available on STEAM. Wishlist the game now!

And for more gaming news, check out the link HERE.

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