5 smart devices to make your life easier

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There is no doubt that over the years, technology has changed the way we live our lives. For example, whilst many people still use paper diaries for tracking appointments and scheduling their days, you can now download apps that do the same and automatically remind you of important dates. In recent years, smart devices have brought us on even further, offering help in a number of ways to help make our lives that little bit easier.

Not all smart devices are completely worth it though, some are just glorified gadgets that look cool. So, to help you out when it comes to deciding what smart devices to buy, here is our list of 5 such products that could help make life a little easier.

Smart robot vacuum cleaners

One of the biggest issues for people with their busy lives nowadays is keeping their homes clean. Especially when you have kids or pets to look after, because you know wherever they go, a mess is soon to follow.

One of the best smart devices out there at the moment are smart robot vacuum cleaners like the MOOSOO robot vacuum cleaner we reviewed not so long ago. Set them up using their relevant apps, and the vacuum will go around your floors picking up little crumbs and bits of fluff that have fallen on the floor.

Depending on your living space, it probably won’t be a full-on replacement for a standard vacuum, but it’s a great way to keep things clean through busier weeks.

MOOSOO robot vacuum cleaner

Smart waterproof TV

If you like kicking back in the bathroom and watching TV, you probably use a phone or tablet to do so, but they can end up getting water damaged. However, there is a smart TV alternative, particularly for use in the bathtub. These TVs are made by Watervue and come with a standalone waterproof case that shields them from water and steam. In some models, you can even attach your tablet or smartphone through Bluetooth to enjoy music while watching your chosen show.

These televisions are designed for use in the bathroom, so you do not have to worry about splashes, humidity, or steam spoiling your TV. Combine that with a nice comfy bath pillow for the tub and it’s a great option for levelling up your bath time.

Smart bath pillows

Whilst we’re on the subject of bath time, an additional smart device that makes bath time more fun is a smart bath pillow. Sure a standard waterproof bath cushion is great, but imagine lying back in the tub, closing your eyes, and your pillow begins emitting relaxing tunes whilst you take a soak.

All you have to do is hook up your phone via Bluetooth, sit back, soak and relax. The waterproof speakers won’t snap up crackle if you get them wet either, meaning there is no chance of getting any nasty shocks to your ears or in the bath.

Smart table

Most people have little coffee tables in their home, but sometimes you can never have a lamp on them or charge your phone on them as there are no available plug sockets nearby. This smart device changes all of that.

With built-in speakers and USB ports for plugging in lamps or charging your phone, these smart devices are ideal for any home. Making your life easier by allowing you to have fewer cables left lying across your floors and causing trip hazards. Some models also have built-in wireless charging too.

Smart devices like this smart table with speakers and charging ports are becoming more common.


And finally on our list, one of the most popular smart devices available today. Smartwatches. The most well known are probably the Samsung Gear or the Apple iWatch, but there are budget smartwatches out there too which offer many features to make life easier.

They can be set up to remind you of appointments, allow you to make and receive calls, and in some cases, can even help you track down your misplaced phone. Many can even help you with your fitness, monitor your step counts, measure your heart rate and so on. Making this one of the most desirable smart devices available at the moment.

Closing thoughts

There are plenty of other devices out there too, with many more coming out all the time. All with the aim of making our lives easier, and sometimes making us a little lazier. If you’ve got any smart devices that you couldn’t live without, why not let us know in the comments below. We’d love to check some of them out for ourselves too because we’re always looking to make life that little less stressful where possible.

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