Name: Kirsty Smith

Occupation: Helping people get better

Favourite Games: H1Z1 and Life is Strange

Skills/Talents: Getting a 200+ combo on the Arcade Dance Evolution game and making good Spotify playlists

Likes: Arcades, Cats, and Malibu

Dislikes: People who are just 100% negative vibes and disrespect people, make them feel like crap and like they’re not good enough


My name is Kirsty and I’m a streamer from the Wirral, which is near Liverpool in the UK. I have recently moved over to PC from PS4, so still trying to master all things PC. I currently only play H1Z1: King Of The Kill & Paladins. I tend to get easily distracted from games so if I randomly come off the game and start streaming random Miniclip games… Just go with it!


STEAM – ISeeZombieszz


TWITCH                    TWITTER                   YOUTUBE



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