Hit mobile RPG, Rangers of Oblivion, is to receive an extensive update this summer which includes — amongst other things — a new, mutated Behemoth, five unique wild souls and other innovations that bring new gameplay dimensions for those sworn to protect these lands.

Wildsouls are mystical fragments that contain the powers of the ancient Gods. Each Ranger establishes a connection with a Wildsoul through a ritual, enabling them to fight against the giants while harnessing these powers. Wildsouls offers Rangers different strengths and each have their own qualities, supporting different playing styles. There are five new souls who, together with the hunters, are reuniting the shattered land:

• Mercury – Oracle of Light (Light Wildsoul)
• Lear – The Two-Faced God (Shadow Wildsoul)
• Panoptica – The Observer (Mystic Wildsoul)
• Diana – Goddess of the Hunt (Titan Wildsoul)
• Cupid – Goddess of Love (Natural Wildsoul)

Mutated Behemoth

Rangers of Oblivion Behemoth

The Rangers at the forefront of the conflict have discovered a new, mutated Behemoth. On the surface, they look deceptively like the normal descendants. However, when angered, these giants develop far greater power, speed, and aggressiveness than the common species. When under attack, they protect their limbs with special crystals powered by a primeval energy; standard Ranger weapons cannot harm them.

Soulblades were invented with the express aim of breaking these crystalline mutations and defeating these super-charged behemoths. From now on, hunters can carry two different types of weapons — normal weapons and Soulblades — on them during the hunt, switching as and when they need to. Soulblades can be unlocked from level 80 upwards,  through a side quest.

Since the previous Rangers of Oblivion update, there is now an option to customise the outfits of each Ranger with talismans. In addition, a package for newcomers to Malheim also offers items which improve their early hunting experiences. There are different packages that contain rare items, wild souls, costumes, companion costumes and much more.

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