Winter Resort Simulator Season 2: The ski season is open

by Chris Camilleri
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  • Run your own winter resort together with friends in the multiplayer mode
  • Operate accurately modeled ropeways. snowcats and many other vehicles
  • Enjoy the improved and very realistic snow simulation

Today the Winter Resort Simulator Season 2 is released together with the DLC Content Pack. The simulation experts at Aerosoft have joined forces with the Austrian developer HR Innoways to deliver a great simulation experience.

The game is available for PC on Steam and in the Aerosoft Shop bundled with the DLC Content Pack as the Complete Edition. The price is 30 Euros, the game is suitable for kids of ages 3 and up.

The most important new feature of Winter Resort Simulator Season 2 is the multiplayer mode for up to 7 layers. Players can play cooperatively and prepare slopes, operate ropeways, go on excursions with one of the numerous vehicles or simply get together for a snowball fight. Thanks to the new snow system, working the snow with vehicles and snow groomers is even more fun.

Winter Resort Simulator Season 2 features new vehicles and transport systems that have been licensed by world class manufacturers. All models are recreated down to the smallest detail. Players will be able to operate a wide variety of Doppelmayr ropeways and chairlifts using the original controls. There are several tutorials to help newcomers to the do’s and don’ts of professional ropeway operation.

Fans of snow groomers will not be left out either: True-to-original machines from market leaders Pistenbully and Prinoth are waiting to be used. All cockpits are faithfully reproduced. There are also many other vehicles available, including the well-known TechnoAlpin TR-10 snow cannon, an off-road crawler vehicle, a snowmobile, SUV cars and pickup trucks and much more. 

One of the biggest features is the powerful editor mode, which allows all players to create the resort of their dreams. New ropeways and ski slopes can be built while the game is running. Even villages or even entire ski resorts can be recreated and then explored in single player or multiplayer. The extensive modding interface also makes it possible to bring new objects, ropeways and other vehicles into the game. Via the Steam Workshop a lot of free additional content is already available for download.

“With its high standards of graphic brilliance and technical perfection, the new Winter Resort Simulator Season 2 fits perfectly into our portfolio. This and the diversified gameplay make it a great game that will set standards in its genre”, says Aerosoft’s CEO Winfried Diekmann.

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“We’ve been working very hard to implement the feedback of the players of Season 1 building an even better simulator that way without diluting the strengths of Part 1”, says Maximilian Rudorfer, founder of HR Innoways. “We are now eager to see how the game will be received – and are very much looking forward to the mods that players will build with our editor”.

More information about Aerosoft can be found at Aerosoft on the webFacebookTwitterYouTube and Instagram.

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