What is payout speed and why does it matter with online casinos?

by MaddOx

One of the worst things about some online casinos is the payout speed of processing withdrawals. Even though online casinos have many advantages compared to their conventional counterpart, this is where the brick-and-mortar casinos have an advantage.

In traditional casinos, winners get paid out straight away, which isn’t the case for online casinos in which winners have to wait, and sometimes this wait can lead to frustration if it gets too prolonged. In this post, you’ll discover all about the payout speed and why it matters to online casinos so you can find the one where you won’t have to fret about withdrawing your winning money.

What is the payout speed?

Payout speed is essentially the time required for allowing the players to withdraw their winning money, and it’s different on each gambling platform.

When choosing an online casino, one of the most important factors is how fast (or slow) they payout because no player wants to wait too long. Depending on the payment method, payouts can be processed on the same day, or in some extreme cases, after a few weeks. Because we don’t want anyone to experience the latter, check out the fast withdrawal casino UK and choose from one of the highest-ranking online casinos.

Why is fast withdrawal important?

Many elements make online casinos ahead of the game, and this is crucial for them because of the tremendous competition in the world of online casinos. Players won’t tolerate online casinos with slow payout speeds, so each decent website will try to accommodate the players however they can. Paying the winners as soon as possible is just one of many ways to achieve that, and allowing the players to withdraw their money quickly indicates that online casino is focused on quality, earning the trust of players, and improving their reputation.

Gif showing how quick and easy it is to make a PayPal Payment

How can online casinos payout faster?

Gone are the days when players had to deposit and withdraw their money so they could gamble using bank accounts or wire transfers. Nowadays, there are so many payment options that allow much quicker payments. Implementing the various payment options into the gambling platform is one of the things every online casino should do.

This allows for more variety so that each player may choose the preferred payment method and get the money sooner.
Unfortunately, there are no instant payout online casinos since online casino employees must manually review each transaction. However, with the implementation of cryptocurrencies and other contemporary payment methods, players can expect this speed to increase even further. Undoubtedly, one day, everyone who wins in the online casino will be able to withdraw the funds in seconds, and it’s just a matter of time.

What influences payout speed?

Several elements may speed up or slow down the payout speeds in online casinos. Primarily, it’s the online casino because each one has a dedicated team with only one job – withdrawals. However, not every online casino company has enough employees to process all the requests during their shift, so these gambling companies should simply hire more people.

This is not a big deal for large online casinos, but less profitable ones may struggle with this, and this is also why you should pick the best possible online casino you can find. Another element is the payment method you chose because their speed will vary.
For example, if you selected the bank transfer as a withdrawal method, you can’t possibly expect to get your money momentarily. On the other hand, if you choose e-wallets or cryptocurrencies, there can’t be excuses for slow payouts and you have every right to complain as a paying customer.

Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrency sitting on a laptop, these currencies usually offer faster payout speeds from certain places compared to traditional retailers


Online casinos need to work hard to improve their services, including the payment methods, and do whatever’s necessary to keep the players satisfied. Otherwise, players will move to another gambling platform where they won’t have to wait long to receive their money due to better payout speeds, and there’s no room for casinos that don’t work extra hard to accommodate the players.

Still, many online casino developers strive to improve all of their services and offer the optimum gambling experience to stand out from other online gambling platforms and increase a profit in return.

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Dominique July 27, 2022 - 12:39 pm

The first time user mobile app casino I just want to know it is there any promotion a free play to win real cash do I have to put cash to start playing for real cash

MaddOx July 27, 2022 - 12:51 pm

Hello, it all depends on which operator you use. Some will offer no deposit welcome bonuses to allow you to try games, but they also may come with wagering requirements for any winnings you earn.


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