Voodoo Announces Six Winners of 2020 Runner Competition

by Chris Camilleri
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Competition delivers a record breaking number of entries

 Voodoo, the world’s #1 mobile games publisher in terms of downloads, has announced winners of its hotly contested Runner competition. In this edition, six studios have qualified for prizes based on their outstanding submissions.

The competition, which launched in August this year, invited mobile developers of all sizes to submit prototypes in the Runner genre and offered applicants the chance to secure large cash prizes alongside attractive publishing contracts. 


Applicants had the chance to benefit from Voodoo’s industry leading testing platform, chart-topping insights, and the expertise of Publishing and Marketing teams. Voodoo also offered up two key prizes: a $100,000 bonus for any game consequently published and confirmed, and a $20,000 for any new game tested with a CPI below $0.2 and with a Day One retention of over 35%. 

Throughout the duration of the competition, Voodoo hosted a series of extensive livestreams to support studios on their path to submission, where applicants could submit questions and discuss next steps. Over eight streams, various attributes of successful runners were analysed in depth, such as game loops, first time user experience, rhythm in runners, and more.

The results exceed expectations, with a record number of hits prototypes that greatly impressed the judges. Voodoo has announced three published winners, with the remaining titles to be announced soon. The published winners were:

1. Force Master: Orbital Knight

2. Roof Rails: Pixel Box

3. Stair Run: Inno Studio

In the coming weeks, Voodoo will provide insights and case studies regarding the winning titles as chart progress is monitored, collecting best practices and tips for studios attempting to develop their own successful titles. 

And for developers who were not able to make a submission for this competition, a new opportunity to share prototypes will soon be announced.

Headquartered in Paris since its launch in 2013, Voodoo’s extensive stable of games now includes over 100 mobile titles, retaining  300 million monthly active users and 3.7 billion total downloads, making the French company #1 in terms of downloads in the worldwide gaming industry.

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