Virtual Ricochet Enters Early Access on Steam

by MaddOx
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Australian developers, Blind Mystics, have unveiled their tennis-style retro shooter in Early Access. Set in a futuristic combat arena filled with lasers, energy shields, deadly cybernetic enemies, and chaotic action, Virtual Ricochet combines elements of frantic tennis back-and-forth action and the immersiveness of VR shooters to create an all-new room-scale experience. 

Virtual Ricochet launched into Early Access on Steam, November 2nd, 2020, and is coming soon to Viveport and Viveport Infinity.

Virtual Ricochet Features:

  • Rise to the challenge of chaotic arcade shoot ’em up gameplay;
  • Experience the freedom of Full 360-degree, room-scale arena environments;
  • Unleash the hidden potential of your equipment by customizing an in-depth upgrade system;
  • Conquer different difficulties of challenging gameplay that rewards skill, strategy, and mastery;
  • Rock out to original music in a high-energy, retro synthwave soundtrack featuring MercuriusFM.
Virtual Ricochet gameplay

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