Ultreïa gets a new trailer

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Indie game developer Olivier De Rop has released a new trailer for their point and click adventure Ultreïa.

Set in a futuristic and mystical place populated by robots, Ultreïa follows the story of a little robot called Nymo on a pilgrimage, crossing a wild post-apocalyptic world to find the meaning of life. He also has a mysterious goal: to find a guy called Cheyenne.

Underneath the skin of the landscape are caves filled by huge creatures living in the darkness. The journey will take Nymo through the large and phantasmagoric city of Mont St-Troy, to space, and beyond.

Check out the new Ultreïa trailer below:


  • More than 50 locations to discover and explore
  • Over 20 non-playable characters
  • Over 1000 lines of dialogue
  • Unique art and sound design
  • A beautiful original soundtrack by Yann Latour

You can check out the demo of the game now on Steam by clicking HERE. The release for Ultreïa is due for release later this year.

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