Total War: Arena – NetEase relaunches Creative Assembly’s RTS MOBA in China today

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Developer Creative Assembly and publisher NetEase are thrilled to announce the release of their competitive online strategy game Total War: Arena in China. The game features intense historic 10v10 battles featuring some of the greatest commanders of all time based on their historical backgrounds and other titles from the Total War franchise. 

Major Chinese gaming company NetEase, which acquired the exclusive publishing rights to the game, intends to gather insights and feedback to further refine and optimize Total War: Arena, with a later release in the rest of the world under consideration.

Exclusively for the Chinese launch, Total War: Arena adds seven iconic battlefields to the original five. Fight on the border between England and Scotland at Hadrian’s Wall. Take the fight to the German battlegrounds of Teutoburg Forest. Fight on the rocky North African landscape of Issus. Make the woods your battlefield in Gergovia.Storm the beaches of Marathon. Fight your way across the Rhine in Germania. And walk in the footsteps of Julius Caesar and cross The Rubicon.

About Total War: Arena

Take on the role of the most brilliant military leaders to command the most effective armies the world has ever seen. Unlock new types of units, create and develop strong troop combinations and formats, upgrade your army with an extensive tech tree, and fight the most famous battles of all time with historic legends like Alexander the Great and Hannibal.

Total War: Arena offers PvE and PvP modes for up to 20 players with more than 20,000 units battling on 12 different maps with unique and complex terrain which demands all of the player’s strategic abilities for victory. The Chinese launch version includes four popular Total War factions – Rome, Greece, Barbarians and Carthage – each with their own unique leader, competing in a historical timeline starting from the Hellenistic era (B.C. 499) through to the Three Kingdoms period in China (A.D. 280).

Core features:

  • Experience unique strategic team battles for up to 20 players fielding more than 20,000 units.
  • Lead legendary commanders from four different Total War factions to victory, including Julius Caesar, Hannibal and Alexander the Great.
  • Customize and upgrade hundreds of unit types within your army with an extensive tech tree, countless combinations and formations.
  • Use your strategic skills in PvP or PvE mode to destroy your enemies on 5 original and 7 completely new challenging maps featuring varied terrain and complexity.

Total War: Arena released today on PC in China with a launch in Europe and North America yet to be announced.

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