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The incredible speed of the introduction of technological innovations into everyday life erases the business horizons that existed in the past, leaving behind a scope of opportunities for long-term projects. While the global economy, by and large, was forced to cope with the effects of the economic crisis, the online business sector was in a better position to adapt to the new quarantine reality. And the online casino industry was no exception.

Businesses faced a number of challenges, but managed to successfully cope with them thanks to the flexibility of the industry. Moreover, in the coming years, experts predict the stable casino game development of the iGaming direction.

The challenges of online casino development

How to open an online casino 2021

Traditionally, a significant portion of iGaming revenue comes from online betting. Despite the suspension and, in some cases, the cancellation of key sporting events, the industry was able to reassess its priorities in the shortest possible time, making a logical bet on cyber and virtual sports. In addition, those of the operators who timely introduced games with live dealers into their offer noticed a rapid increase in income, which is not at all surprising: the players who found themselves locked up within the walls of their own homes were actively looking for ways to socialize and interact with other game lovers.

And although the economic downturn in a wide variety of sectors of the global economy was a merciless consequence of the crisis, the variability and stability of the iGaming industry definitely minimized the financial losses of operators, providing them with alternative development paths to return their income to the previous level. As highlighted in the map above, the business prospects for the online industry look impressive and deserve the closest attention of investors.

Platform capabilities

Gambling software must be safe, reliable, and feature-rich. Also, giving up certain characteristics is worth thinking about in the near future. After all, perhaps soon they will become necessary for you to develop your platform.

Take care of the servers hosting your online project. Your casino should provide a smooth site for the widest possible audience with the fastest loading speed. Every moment of a second is taken into account when it comes to SEO metrics and user experience. If your resource slows down, then the whole business system slows down, but certainly not the players. They always have the option to jump onto another competing trail.

Winning the player’s favour is one of the top priorities of online casinos so that your users don’t have to click at random and – take into account the basic settings of your audience.

There will never be superfluous additional modules and third-party software. On the contrary, they allow a deeper study of the market, the behaviour of your players, as well as the most tempting offers for the audience. To succeed in this direction, come in handy:

  • CRM system;
  • marketing tools;
  • content management system;
  • reporting system;
  • financial and security modules;
  • game segmentation;
  • online consultant.

The main thing about developing gambling content

Exclusive software on a gaming site is a great way to attract new users to an online casino and keep an active audience.

Trends in creating exciting and profitable iGaming products:

  • Cross-platform. In 2021, mobile activity reached 50.8%, surpassing desktop traffic for the first time.
  • Virtual reality games. By 2023, the turnover of the VR industry will grow by Whimsy Games.
  • Free entertainment. Social content is becoming popular, in which bets are implemented as the purchase of additional gaming opportunities.

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