Top Sports Video Games To Try As You Wait Out The Pandemic

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The COVID-19 crisis has not spared professional sports, and just like any other public event, containment measures are uncompromising when it comes to restricting all forms of socialization. Early in 2020, all sports leagues were suspended indefinitely, and those that could resume later in the year had to abide by new playing regulations. To the dedicated sports fan, seasonal tickets have been rendered invalid in most parts of the world. The games played behind closed doors lack the zest or that oomph factor brought about by spirited comradely and sports chants in an electric stadium environment that always seems to bring the best out of players.

The only good thing about the current situation is that we still have operational online sportsbooks for fans to make money from the indoor gaming events. With the current gamification trends, virtual games are also more realistic than ever. Fans can ease their yearning for sports leagues by taking part in virtual game competitions and even play for real money in professional eSports tournaments.

We don’t encourage gaming for money but if you do, make sure to get advice from sites that are experts on reviewing casinos and betting sites for safety and best offers during the quarantine window. With all the downtime in your hands right now, we compiled an exciting list of video games you should play to appease the raging sports fan within you. This considers digital sports counterparts for people with regular android or iOS phones, PC, Xbox, Playstation, or the Nintendo Switch.

NBA 2K21

This is the ultimate video game for avid basketball followers. The AAA game is one of its kind and has no immediate competition to match its graphics, believability, and level of customization. NBA 2K21 lets you compete with other players online, and due to its successive history of video game advancement through the years, it meets top standards for the modern video gamer who has played it all in the last decade. You can check out our review of this title HERE.

NBA 2k21 everything is game


Do you crave for your weekly fix of professional football with all the big names in the various league games or international competitions? FIFA 21 is the most recent update for the best-selling EA Sports video game and gives a realistic gaming experience suited to your favourite team’s style of play. Choose your team and go toe to toe with top eSports competitors with the FIFA 21 updated video game. Unless you’re on Switch, in which case just buy FIFA 17 since the game hasn’t been updated in years.

Pro-tip: Use a FIFA ultimate team autobuyer to make the most of your time playing the game.

MLB The Show

Baseball is another beloved game whose fans have developed enduring traditions around its professional league dates. It’s common for fathers to take their kids to baseball games and play catch with them in the park as they bond with heartfelt conversations about life. MLB The Show on PlayStation and other formats is the closest thing to seeing the New York Yankees take it to other teams.

MLB The Show sports gameplay

Madden NFL 21

The updated Madden NFL version comes with all the latest team transfers. This means you get to enjoy playing Tom Brady in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey. The NFL season will most likely have a slow start in the new season without the fans, but at least we get to enjoy the high-resolution virtual game as we wait for containment bans on the novel Coronavirus outbreak to be lifted.

NHL 21

Summertime has been and gone, and professional hockey games are back despite the current lockdown, and hockey fans could not wait for the 20/21 season. NHL 21 is arguably the best hockey-themed video game globally, and it is coming in handy during the quarantine period. There is even the AI simulation game version, but most hockey fans have a blast competing against their friends.

NHL 21 players slamming into the sideboards

Mario Tennis Aces

The first version for this game was launched in 2000, and it turned many kids into sports fans. The latest version features intuitive controls, and it is a multiplayer game that lets friends battle it out in a fun environment. The Nintendo version is suitable for all age groups and can be integrated into the family game nights or birthday parties with close friends.

Ski Or Die for PC

We cannot leave behind sports fans looking for fun PC games. Ski or Die is an honourable mention in this category as it has been developed over the years to incorporate the modern gamer’s user preferences. The classic game, which was first launched in 1990, still retains its relevance in 2021 with various gaming options, including ski jumping, downhill skiing, halfpipe snowboarding, inflatable tube racing, and snowball fighting.

Ski or Die practice gameplay

This list captures some of the top-rated sports video games to start with and of course, there are many more to continue with depending on your sports preferences. If it’s a common sport, chances are, there is a digitized version of the game for you to enjoy today! If you’ve games you think we’ve missed out, why not let us know in the comments below.

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