Top 12 sports video games of all time

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Video games inspired by sports themes are very popular. This can be explained by their diversity and simplicity of operation. Excitement and thrills are no less important as gamers participate the virtual tournaments. Knowing the rules of sports discipline, you can try on the role of a legendary fighter, footballer, or hockey player.

However, not only video game developers offer exciting projects for users. Manufacturers of slot machines for online casinos also do not wait on the sidelines. They produce high-quality machines, and the main characters of the storylines are famous athletes and teams. Anyone can plunge into the world of victory by launching a free slot machine.

Modern graphics, intense shades, and appropriate background music make it possible to feel how realistic the action on the monitor is. When creating sports video games, developers take into account even the smallest details to project dynamic sports discipline into the virtual realm.

Popular sports games and their features

Take a look at the most popular sports video games around the world to choose the most appropriate option for your entertainment. We’re now going to look at the top 12 sports games that have won recognition from gamers. Some of them were developed quite a long time ago, while others are new. Nevertheless, all the games feature the same high quality, intriguing storyline, and unconventional gameplay. The list of the best games is provided in the table:

Sports disciplineGame
SoccereFootball PES 2020, FIFA 22, Football Manager 2022
RacingDiRT Rally 2.0
HockeyNHL 22
TennisTennis Masters Series
AthleticsSummer Challenge: Athletics Tournament
BasketballNBA 2K21
BaseballMajor League Baseball 2K10
FightingDef Jam Vendetta
GolfVertiginous Golf

Choose retro sports video games or modern projects to enjoy an excellent time in the virtual universe.

eFootball PES 2020

Whilst many people are currently focused on the FIFA World Cup, placing bets at places like, even more people are actually avoiding this year due to the human rights issues in Qatar where the tournament is held. Instead, they’re turning to popular football simulation games such as eFootball PES 2020.

In addition to standard matches, the developers offer to take part in esports competitions. This version of the popular series introduced many innovations. For example, football tricks like faking shots and accurate dribbling were added. You can also invite a player with a certain trait to your team (“Inspire”). The new star will influence the actions of other players by inspiring them to play in a particular style.

The game has dropped in quality in the last edition of the game although it did go free-to-play which was a nice feature to see. So eFootball PES 2020 remains the pinnacle of the PES series.

Iniesta in PES 2020

DiRT Rally 2.0

This sports racing simulator will impress absolutely everyone. Rallying through the iconic locations of the globe will bring a lot of positive emotions. Powerful off-road vehicles, unique routes, and original control models make you enjoy the speed. So hurry to take the place of the leader. Argentina, Spain, Poland, New Zealand, and many more countries wait for your visit. Create your own team, increase the number of vehicles, and change the appearance of the car. Show everyone that you can be the best.


Experience innovation in football with FIFA 22. Developers have used an advanced artificial intelligence system to create the most realistic game possible. Select the players that will make up your dream team. Think through a plan of action, and review the match schedule. By increasing the experience of the team, you will reach new levels. Become a pro in the world of football by taking part in exciting matches. Each encounter with an opponent is an opportunity to claim superiority.

An iconic feature of FIFA 22 was finally seeing the introduction of women’s football included in the game, although the number of players who play as them is extremely low and there is a lot of backlash with female players given ratings similar to the best male footballers. It wouldn’t be that much of an issue but there is no way Megan Rapinoe is at the same level as Lionel Messi.

Football Manager 2022

If playing football isn’t your cup of tea, maybe managing and running a club is more up your alley. Football Manager 2022 is another game that will take you into football tournaments. Except for this time you take the role of a manager instead of playing as a player. Speak to your agent before you buy a new member to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This will allow you to form a team where each player will complement the other.

After the match, you can view the statistical information. The analytical department will analyse the important parts and make clear charts. They will help you understand whether a loss or a win is deserved. In addition, based on the data, you can adjust the actions of athletes.

Tennis Masters Series

Released in 2003, this game for tennis fans attracts attention by the high-quality elaboration of elements, and the possibility of choosing one of the popular athletes of the day. You will be playing against your opponent on the best courts of :

  • Monte Carlo
  • Paris
  • Madrid
  • Hamburg
  • Cincinnati. 

Develop winning tactics and use them in the competition. Defeat your opponent to claim the top spot. The cup will be yours if you approach the process intelligently. The video game will help to relax and forget about everyday hustle and bustle. The same is offered by free casino slots to play free online.

Tennis Masters Series 2003 Sports Tennis game

Summer Challenge: Athletics Tournament

Take part in an athletics tournament by challenging the best athletes. Play on your own or with friends, advancing to the top spot. Realistic graphics combined with great background sound help you immerse yourself in the competitive world. Show off your talent by visiting one of the four areas on offer. Take your career to the next level or earn an online ranking. Feel like a star in the sports universe by conquering distances with ease. The game is designed to make every action the basis for victory or defeat.

NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 is one of the more recent chapters of the famous basketball simulator. The project stands out for its :

  • realism,
  • dynamics, and 
  • fascination. 

It features improved graphics and sound effects, as well as the usage of artificial intelligence. You will have to lead and control the ball, score it in the basket, and outperform opponents on points. Pick up legends of the past and present to become the leader in the sports world. If you want to change focus, launch free slot machines online.

Major League Baseball 2K10

This realistic baseball simulator enables you to create a unique athlete and take him to the very top. Go through a single-player campaign, and teach your baseball player new techniques. You will have a huge team under your control. It can be created from scratch or you can choose a world-famous team such as the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees. Among different sports video games, baseball will be one of the favourite projects for your leisure.

Def Jam Vendetta

Teaming with EA, who despite being known for their sports titles, hadn’t released any wrestling games since Backstage Assault, AKI Corporation, and Yuke’s released Def Jam Vendetta in 2003. Hip hop and wrestling have long been intertwined, with early wrestling legends like Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes having a major influence on the bravado and machismo that would become quintessential in rap.

Def Jam Vendetta tightened the gap – a hip hop-themed wrestling game that featured several major rappers, including DMX, Ludacris, Ghostface Killah, Funkmaster Flex, Method Man, Scarface, and more. It appealed to wrestling fans, hip hop heads, and all points in between, becoming one of the highest-selling video games in the first half of the decade and spawning a sequel in 2004. You can read more about these types of fighting games in our button-mashing and body-slamming article.

Def Jam Vendetta DMX vs Ludacris
Def Jam Vendetta (2003)

NHL 22

Another project of the famous hockey series will captivate you with its realism. Take advantage and enjoy huge speed in pursuit of the puck, the best athletes, and unique tactical moves to get ahead of your opponents. Exciting hockey moments, superb equipment, and dynamic tournaments await you.

Vertiginous Golf

Unusual in its design, golf will hold your attention for a long time. Different locations in an alternate universe await you. Aim, strike, and check your technique. Developers have a variety of tools for this purpose. If you get fed up with video games, then proceed to the gambling simulators. However, remember that playing free slots online, winning real money will not be possible. 

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