The Future of Online Casinos

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There’s no denying that technology has influenced pretty much every aspect of modern life. Through the use of technology, everything from dating to transportation has been completely transformed via technological innovations that are geared toward improving our overall quality of life.

Now, technology has been developing at a rapid pace to the point that what we consider innovative now may be completely different in a year or two. One particular industry that has shown a lot of potentials is the online casino industry.

This makes sense as the BBC details that virtual reality (VR) is providing people with more immersive experiences in the digital space. However, VR is only one avenue that online casinos can explore. Given the openness of the industry to innovation, there’s really no telling where it could end up. To try and figure this out, we’ve put together a list of factors that we think will be the future of this bustling industry.

Adapting to New Players

Aside from the medium on which the games will be played on, the games themselves are changing. Due to the need to accommodate new players, online casino games have been slowly changing through the use of themes and gaming mechanics.

The Economist highlights how the casino industry is looking to incorporate more games that feature video game mechanics. Unsurprisingly, this trend has also made its way to online platforms. Games are no longer limited to their traditional versions, as they’re better suited for today’s players.

In fact, Foxy Games’ article on ‘The Games Behind the Games’ details how popular this technique has become across different developers, with classics like Tetris and Star Raiders being adapted into online slots. Games have also started to incorporate pop culture themes such as films and TV shows in order to reinvigorate their player base. This is something we’ll most likely be seeing more of in the future, as it’s proven to be rather successful.

A guy playing Blackjack in Virtual Reality like in an online casino

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VR continues to be one of the most enigmatic pieces of technology when it comes to gaming. On one hand, it provides players with a new way to experience modern video games. However, it’s also important to note that the technology still has a long way to go before it achieves mainstream accessibility. With that being said, there are quite a few games that highlight the potential of the digital space for online casinos.

Games like LuckyVR embody how typical casino games such as poker can make the seamless transition to VR. The game also maximises the social aspect of poker, allowing players to interact with each other using their personalised avatars.


Lastly, improved security will be key for casinos companies transitioning to the digital space. Given the seemingly unlimited number of cyber threats present these days, it is vital to secure the transactions made ​in online casinos.

One piece of technology that’s perfect for this is blockchain. Blockchain allows for verifiable and unchangeable transactions between casinos and players. To add to this, blockchain also offers a degree of transparency as transactions are viewable by the public. This ensures that any concerns regarding cheating are put to rest, as you’ll be able to see transactions made by other players. Players no longer need to worry about online casinos withholding their winnings, as blockchain allows for an instant payout.

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