Tenderfoot Tactics sets out on Steam on 21 October

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Ice Water Games, the collaborative label behind Viridi, has just revealed at the Future Games Show that its upcoming open-world tactical RPG, Tenderfoot Tactics, is coming to Steam on 21 October. If you missed it, you can watch the announcement trailer below:

The terrible Fog – one vast, voiceless, and cruel spirit – has been eating the once-thick forests of the mainland. Now, with nowhere left to call home, and granted magic by the friendly spirits of the archipelago, one small party of would-be adventurers sets out. Find a way to save the many goblin towns of the rocky coast, discover the truth of the Fog, and put an end to it.

Tenderfoot Tactics is a tactical RPG inspired by the classics of the genre, with a healthy dose of open-world exploration in this picturesque, low-poly archipelago setting. You can already wishlist the game on Steam HERE.

Tenderfoot Tactics Features:

  • Explore the archipelago to your heart’s content, finding surprises along the way
  • No damage ranges or miss chances: each attack makes a predicted amount of damage, so plan accordingly
  • Evolve and customise your goblins, granting them different abilities. Each goblin is unique, try out different party combinations

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About Ice Water Games:

Established in 2013, Ice Water Games is a label—a brand representing a collection of games—owned and operated democratically by the artists who built those games.‍

Tenderfoot Tactics is made by Badru (code, art, writing, design), Michael Bell (music, sound design), Isa Hutchinson (systems design, writing), Taylor Thomas (UX design), Zoe Vartanian (graphic design, voice), and Madison Pathe (video editor).‍

For more information on Ice Water Games, visit http://www.icewatergames.com/

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