Superbright announces a big update coming to In Death: Unchained on February 16th, 2021

by Chris Camilleri
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One of the top Oculus Quest games of 2020, Superbright’s In Death: Unchained, is getting a big update coming on February 16th.

We’ll be adding SEASONS – a way to immortalize the top legends, balance the game and reward shooting mastery with experience, ranks, and weapon skins”, says Superbright’s CEO Wojtek Podgórski.


On February 16th:

    – Top “OVERALL” leaderboard players will get immortalized in the Hall of Fame

    – All players will earn experience and ranks for their placement on the leaderboard

    – SEASON 2 will begin with NEW LEADERBOARDS

    – Player progress % will be retained between seasons

    – Ranks from previous seasons will be rewarded with weapon skins

Now is the best time for you to finish your runs and pump up your high scores to ensure your experience, rewards, and fame.

Check out Superbright’s website here.

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