Why play Bitcoin dice games?

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The range of bitcoin dice games is becoming more magnificent every day. Despite that lots of casinos and gambling platforms expand the choice of opportunities, Bitcoin Dice remains the most popular among others. Thanks to the automated betting process, complete anonymity, and provably honest technology, this game can be considered the safest and most reliable one.

Fair Play

Whether it’s a bitcoin casino or a whole complex of different games (such as shib dice), each service has its own weaknesses, which are used by enterprising people. This is not even fraud in its purest form, but a timely response to flaws or errors in the system. Using the game schemes or not is up to you. The main thing to remember is one rule – never buy secret methods. If some scheme is available free, try it, maybe you’ll be lucky.

Use All Profits of the Platform

Many gambling sites lure players by offering advantages. The most popular of them are:

  • instant money withdrawal;
  • cashback;
  • free bets or a deposit (even several sometimes);
  • some money for first plays (for instance, 100$ for the first week of gambling).

As it was mentioned above, many bitcoin casinos with instant money withdrawal give great bonuses for the first deposit. After all, you can make your first transaction, collect high tips and use the Bitcoin casino’s instant withdrawal feature to send bitcoins to your wallet. There are always conditions for withdrawal: time, minimum amount, 1000 games played, and so on.

The rules of the game are very simple – you need to set any number, and then bet on one of two options: more or less of the specified number will fall on the dice. Most often, they choose the number 50 (for a bitcoin game) or 7 for a cash game. With this option, bets more or less give equal chances of winning x2 and x2.35, respectively. The graphic animation itself is not important in the game, and some sites do not use it at all. Many strategies come to the fore in dice, allowing you to play with minimal risk and even go to the plus at short distances.

Some Pieces of Advice for Your Winnings

Experienced players advise gamblers to follow some simple but important rules. With the help of them, you can expand your

You need to bet on a range of numbers greater than or less than 7 (for money games) or on a greater one than or less than 50 (for bitcoin games), which will give us chances of winning X2.35 or X2, respectively, and a chance of winning slightly less than 50%. That is, any bet we make will double if we win. In case of a loss, the bet should be doubled, in case of a win, the player will be returned to the original betting level.

Betting is the only thing you need to do playing a Bitcoin dice game. The size of the bets and the chances of winning may vary from site to site. We wish you good luck and hope that our article was useful!

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