Star Trek Online: Unparalleled warps onto consoles

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The vast universe of Star Trek continues to expand as Star Trek Online: Unparalleled makes its debut on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Arc Games and Cryptic Studios have launched the 32nd season of their long-running, free-to-play MMORPG, inviting players to dive into a thrilling new chapter of interstellar adventures.

Defend the Iconians in a multiversal showdown

In Star Trek Online: Unparalleled, players must navigate the complexities of multiversal threats as they team up with new allies to defend the Iconians from an unprecedented Borg menace. This season’s narrative picks up with the player’s Captain receiving a distress call from another universe under siege by a formidable new Borg faction. These Borg have emerged from within a massive Dyson Sphere, presenting a unique and formidable challenge to the galaxy’s defenders.

The new episode, “Situation Under Control,” tasks players with modifying an Iconian Gateway to counter the Borg threat. This high-stakes mission features the return of Denise Crosby, a beloved figure in the Star Trek franchise, reprising her role as Captain Sela. Fans will remember Crosby from her portrayal of Tasha Yar in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now, she takes command of the Enterprise F in a parallel universe, adding a layer of depth and nostalgia to the story.

Star Trek Online: Unparalleled characters

New adventures and features in Star Trek Online: Unparalleled Season 32

Star Trek Online: Unparalleled introduces a wealth of new content and features, enriching the gameplay experience for both new and veteran players:

  • New Episode – “Situation Under Control”: Join forces with the Aetherian and Captain Sela to thwart the Borg’s multiversal assault. This episode promises intense action and strategic depth as players work to safeguard a new universe.
  • Task Force Operation – Borg Battle Royale: Engage in a new ground-based TFO, where captains must fend off relentless waves of Borg in a holodeck simulation. The challenge intensifies with each wave, testing players’ combat prowess and teamwork.
  • Season 32 Event – Delete Alt Control: Participate in this event to earn exclusive rewards, including the Dimensional Hypermass Torpedo Launcher and the Type 14 Shuttle Support Squadron. These new tools and allies will be invaluable in your quest to protect the galaxy.
  • Infinity Lockbox Update: The T6 Aetherian Revelation ship has been added to the Infinity Lockbox. This powerful vessel offers new tactical options for players looking to enhance their fleet.
  • Captain Alteration Token: This new feature allows players to change their Captain’s species and gender within their chosen faction, providing greater flexibility and personalization without losing their hard-earned progress and rewards.
Star Trek Online: Unparalleled ship

Exploring the Final Frontier

Star Trek Online continues to offer players a chance to explore the rich and diverse Star Trek universe from the inside out. Whether commanding a Federation starship, battling as a Klingon Warrior, or rebuilding the Romulan legacy, players can immerse themselves in iconic locations, encounter new alien species, and engage in epic space battles. The game’s extensive customization options for starships and characters ensure that every captain’s journey is unique.

With the launch of Unparalleled on consoles, PlayStation and Xbox players can now experience the thrill of Star Trek adventures with new stories, challenges, and a community of fellow Trekkies.

Star Trek Online: Unparalleled weapons

Join the adventure today

Star Trek Online: Unparalleled is available for download on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Whether you’re a long-time player or new to the game, there’s never been a better time to jump into the captain’s chair and explore the mysteries of the cosmos. To start your journey, visit the official Star Trek Online website.

Star Trek Online: Unparalleled launch trailer

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