Hardcore 2D platformer Sockventure is available today on PC

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Independent games publisher Versus Evil and developer Nighthouse Games today announced that their 2D platform action game Sockventure will be available today on Steam for PC, Epic Games Store and GOG. 

Sockventure brings over 200 levels of super-fast, Precision-based platform action across 7 chapters, all enhanced with a stunningly colourful graphic look. Players take on the role of Supersock, a superhero tasked with finding all the missing socks inside a cursed washing machine. Tackling the myriad of cunning traps and lethal hazards requires fast reflexes and deft skills as players navigate a multitude of deadly obstacles including rotating fiery lasers, spinning circular saws and spiked columns.

Sockhero can acquire new skills during his deadly sock retrieval mission, including wall jumping, double jumping, dashing and stomping. Finding and collecting coins scattered throughout the levels also unlocks dark chapters, presenting a whole new set of platforming challenges.

Sockventure Official Announcement Trailer

Sockventure’s combination of clever level design, creativity and frenetic gameplay really caught our attention.  This is hardcore platforming on a whole new level of imagination. But with all its uniqueness in its setting and story, it fulfils the promise with hand-crafted levels, free-form controls, and allowing players to explore and complete the levels how they see fit.

Versus Evil General Manager Steve Ecalante

Sockventure players can upgrade their cape adorned hero with a variety of different outfits by collecting any of the 20 hidden socks in the game, there are also various challenges to beat in every chapter giving players plenty of incentive to get on the leaderboard.

Sockventure will have a 10% launch discount for its first week on Steam and will be available later today priced at $14.99 / £10.99 / €13.49.

Sockventure gameplay

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