Shaiya: The Desert Patch is live!

by MaddOx
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gamigo is thrilled to announce a large new update for their fantasy MMO Shaiya. By popular request, the Desert Spa maps are now permanently accessible for multiple levels. Players can enter these realms via the Travel Agent and delve right into new endgame quests, slay some powerful foes, or gather new crafting materials.  

Talking about crafting, new Amulets have also been added in this patch. Three different versions can be crafted with the Eternal Amulet Anvil which grant a variety of buffs for the diverse classes of the game. Using the Enigmatic Grimoire players can now create a stunning new pet, a mount and a costume.

Shaiya The Desert Patch screenshot

This and much more awaits brave adventurers in the lore-rich world of Shaiya, in which the forces of light and dark are locked in a never-ending conflict. It is up to the players to decide whether they will become champions of the light or succumb to the seductive powers of darkness. 

More information is available on the game’s official website

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