Sanity of Morris is OUT NOW!

by Chris Camilleri
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Armed with only a flashlight and notebook, discover the truth and keep facts from fiction in Sanity of Morris.

StickyLock Studios and Alterego Games proudly present the adventure game Sanity of Morris, available today on Steam (PC, MacOS, Linux), Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

 More information about Alterego Games can be found on their website.

About Sanity of Morris
Sanity of Morris is a adventure game with a psychological horror twist. Using your flashlight reveals the vital clues you need, but risks you being seen. The game combines elements of stealth games with detective-adventure and psychological horror for a gripping story. Discover the truth! Could aliens be real?

Game Features:
Unnatural events are taking place in small-town Greenlake.
A bloodcurdling Psychological Horror Detective.
Move around unseen, outmaneuvering your enemies.
Search for hidden clues to find your father.
Discover YOUR version of the truth.
Could there be aliens in Greenlake?

Game Development
The game was created in the span of a year by Alterego Games; a small team in the Netherlands previously known for the knitted adventure mystery game; Woven.
After Woven, they wanted to create a game that incorporated stealth mechanics, mystery and a more dark type of story telling. The game offers 5-8 hours of gameplay, the equivalent of two great movie nights, perfect for the gamer with a busy schedule and an appetite for mysterious and atmospheric games.

sanity of morris

Sanity of Morris is out NOW with a special launch discount we’ll keep running for a week.

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