Sandberg wants to make online meetings more natural

by Chris Camilleri
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Nothing can beat a face-to-face meeting. But we’ve got used to the next best thing during the pandemic: online meetings using video conferencing and video calls.

To make such online meetings more natural, Sandberg have introduced two flat microphones able to pick up voices within a 360° radius and up to 3 metres distance. That means no need for headsets, handheld microphone, wires for clip-on microphones and so on.

Simply place the microphone on your desk or table, connect to a USB port and you’re ready to go. The largest model also has a built-in loudspeaker to bring voices right into the centre of the conference table.


“Even though modern technology brings us together, it can also make us feel further apart,” explains Sandberg’s Sales Director, Erling Hoff Petersen. He continues: “If all the equipment we need to communicate begins to get a bit too technical, then we lose the perception of talking to each other. These flat table microphones will make a virtual meeting a more natural experience for the participants, regardless of whether it’s a single person working from home, or a meeting room with delegates sitting around a table.”

More information on the new microphones is available on the website , where there is also a whole range of other products for making online meetings easier.

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