Rip Them Off is out now on Steam & iOS!

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From Lozange Lab, the two-person studio behind Swim Out, comes Rip Them Off, a gorgeous, tough (but fair!) 1950s-styled tower defence puzzler hybrid with satirical humour and an original jazz soundtrack, out now on Steam (PC, Mac, Linux) and iOS! Take a look at the launch trailer below:

In the game, minimalism, strategy, jazzy tunes, and an eye for taking customers for all they’re worth is the name of the game. With instruction from The Board, you must line the streets with shops the masses simply can’t resist, or risk being accused of taking the side of the “dupes”. In each of the many wonderfully stylish cities, you’ll buy up empty buildings, fill them with money-grabbing retail outlets, then watch the shopping chaos as your profits soar…or plummet!

Rip Them Off Key Features:

  • An innovative new type of game: Combining puzzle mechanics with tower defense games, Rip Them Off is a new breed of challenge, easy to pick up but hard to master.
  • Gorgeous design: Evoke your inner Mad Man with 1950s inspired music and graphics.
  • Addictive gameplay: Each new city provides an increasingly devilish challenge. Can you make it all the way to the biggest metropoles?
  • Challenge your friends: Who’s the best rip off merchant? Compete against your friends and/or rivals with the leaderboard feature to find out who comes out on top.
  • Map of the Moment: Hone your capitalistic edge post-launch with Map of the Moment, showcasing revamped versions of your favourite maps with fun modifiers to keep you on your toes.
  • Go fast or slow: Control the flow of time to make sure your strategies unfold with perfection.

Rip Them Off is out now on Steam (with a 10% launch discount) and iOS. Rip Them Off: Jazzy Edition bundling the game and the exceptional original jazz soundtrack is also available now on Steam.

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