Reign Gaming by Novatech Ltd Announce New Partnership Deal with FIFA Streamer Chuffsters

by Chris Camilleri
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Reign Gaming, the in-house custom gaming PC range by Novatech Ltd, recently signed on Twitch Streamer and YouTuber, Chuffsters to their new ambassador programme, to represent their refreshed gaming brand.

Continuing a series of partnerships this year, beginning in January with Arsenal’s very own Willian, and more recently, Twitch sensation Leahviathan, Reign Gaming have welcomed on board Streamer, YouTuber and Content Creator, Chuffsters to the Reign Gaming family.

“We’ve known Chuffsters on a personal level for a little while now, so we know how hard he’s worked to grow his channel and build a following,” said Paul Hobbs, Creative Marketing Manager at Novatech. “His commitment and passion for what he does makes him a great fit as a Reign partner, and we’re really looking forward to working together and supporting him in creating the quality FIFA content he’s quickly become known for.”

A regular FIFA streamer and co-founder of the @TwoOldFUTs podcast, Chuffsters is growing fast in the online entertainment scene, with a combined following of nearly 30,000 viewers, and more than 10,000 downloads for his podcast.

The sponsorship follows in the steps of the recent Reign Gaming overhaul, which has seen the arrival of 12 new custom-designed PCs, purpose-built and geared towards gamers, enthusiasts and content creators; with three revised tiers, Reign Scout, Reign Sentry, and Reign Vanguard, the 4 systems in each tier offer gamers and streamers the power to play and create, no matter where they are in their career.

Streaming live on Twitch 6 days a week, uploading a weekly podcast, and posting additional content on YouTube too, Chuffsters quickly realised that one PC just wouldn’t be able to cope with the demands of his tight schedule and content plans. Looking to upgrade his streaming hardware to the next level with a dual PC set-up, Chuffsters plans to use his old Novatech Elite Charger as a rig for editing and rendering in the background, whilst playing and streaming on his brand-new Reign Vanguard.

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Expressing his enthusiasm and excitement to join the growing crowd of content creators using Reign Gaming systems, Chuffsters posted on Twitter, saying, “I’m delighted to announce that I’m officially partnered with Novatech and their Reign Gaming PC Range. I’ve used these guys for my PC & Gaming needs over the last couple of years and they have been exceptional. So to work with them is amazing!”

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