Reel in the Holidays with Special Christmas Update for Fishing: North Atlantic and a 20% Discount as Part of the Steam Winter Sale

by Chris Camilleri
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New boat customization options, Logitech steering wheel and throttle support and even a free boat are all part of the next big update from Misc Games!

Jumpstart your virtual deep sea fishing career today with a major new update for Fishing: North Atlantic as well as a 20% discount as part of the Steam Winter Sale. The most realistic deep-sea commercial fishing simulator offers over 27 handcrafted boats, precise and punishing weather systems with authentic atmospheric effects and a range of fishing techniques to catch elusive deep-sea prey, including harpoons and deep line buoy fishing to capture large fish like tuna and swordfish, and traps to snag crabs and lobsters.

Advanced fish-AI puts your GPS and sonar to the test as you follow the movements of your prey, which can be quite finicky depending on water temperatures, currents, storms and thermoclines. This is the closest you’ll get to deep-sea fishing without actually getting wet (or freezing cold)!


The Fishing: North Atlantic holiday update gives you a NEW BOAT as well as flexibility in customizing your entire fleet, including changing the color of your boats. This update also includes support for the Logitech G920 & G29 and Aerosoft’s VRInsight Ship Console, which closely mimics the real feeling of driving a boat with idle detent for throttles and a steering bar to easily feel the neutral position.

Backlit buttons and aluminium throttle levers and steering bar further the immersive feel of handling a rig on the high seas, while anti-skid rubber pads will prevent you from ACTUALLY driving the console off of your desk or table! Generic support will follow in a later update.

The Aerosoft VRInsight Ship Console is compatible with all ship and boat simulation software, and in cooperation with Misc Games, for a limited time until the end of the Steam Winter Sale, if you purchase Fishing: North Atlantic, you can get a 6% discount on the VRInsight Ship Console using the promo code VRISC-WINTER-MISCG6! You are also eligible for the discount if you’ve already bought Fishing: North Atlantic or Fishing: Barents Sea using the same promo code, so there’s no time like the present to deepen your commercial fishing experience this winter!  

For more information about Fishing: North Atlantic, follow us on social media and visit our page on Steam to take advantage of the Winter Sale discount!

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