QubicGames Celebrates 17th Birthday with Massive Discounts for Fans

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The start of March 2021 marks QubicGames’ 17th anniversary and to celebrate the occasion, Qubic has put together a massive sale for their existing Nintendo Switch player fan base. See the video for highlights of what’s on sale or visit the landing page for the full list.

Check out QubicGames’ what’s on sale highlight video:

How it Works:

The sale runs from Monday, March 1st to Wednesday, March 17th, 2021.

Players who own any of the following QubicGames’ titles – Robonauts, Pocket Mini Golf, Puzzle Book or Coloring Book (which is a free download) – will then have massive owner discounts activated across the whole collection of games.

  • 17 games for the price of 0.17 USD / EUR including titles like Spark, One Strike, Akane and REKT! High Octane Stunts
  • 17  games for the price of 1.17 USD / EUR including titles like Dex, BIT.TRIP RUNNER, HyperParasite and Timothy and the Mysterious Forest.

Additionally, the recently released Door Kickers and Dungeon Top are both discounted to 5 USD / EUR from 11.99 USD / EUR and 13.99 USD / EUR respectively.

17 years of QubicGames text

Additional Prizes

The team are also giving away eShop Voucher cards worth 100 USD / EUR each for 17 lucky winners. Full details of the competition can be found on the sale website: www.qubicgames.com/17

For even more gamin gnews, click right HERE.

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