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Since it is so easy to get started with WordPress, many entrepreneurs and business owners create badly-optimized websites to serve their needs. Although these websites are acceptable for early stages of a business, as the site grows and expands, the bad optimizations and the amateur development becomes quite clear.

You have two options at this juncture – you either hire professional developers – for example, Acclaim will convert your sketch project into responsive HTML page WordPress website – or you implement tips that help improve the site’s performance and help your WordPress site grow. In this article, we’ll focus on the latter.

Focus on the Site’s Speed

Focusing on the site’s speed is quite vital because it determines many important things about your website:

  • Visitor experience: when you click on a link on Google, how long do you wait if the site doesn’t load immediately? What will you do if the site’s animations take too much time to load and are clunky? What if it takes around 10 seconds for a forum to display? Your most likely response would be to stop using the said website and find a replacement. This is true for most internet users – patience runs thin. That’s why you need to make sure your website loads fast and is responsive.
  • Amount of revenue generated: study after study shows that website speed and conversion rates are positively correlated. Unsurprisingly, visitors are more likely to purchase services and products when the website runs quicker.
  • Positions on search engine result pages: faster loading times and more responsive web pages will result in an improvement in positions on SERPs, which means more organic traffic to your website and more revenues long term.
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Content is King

The phrase ‘content is king’ is a popular phrase regularly used by SEOs and marketers to point out the importance of the content of a WordPress site. Lack of content has many negative effects:

  • It makes your website look unprofessional – if your products and services are barely described.
  • It makes your website seem deserted and irrelevant: if someone visits your website and sees the last post was made more than a year ago, they’ll think your website is deserted. Regularly updating your website with new content is important if you want your website to seem up to date.

Learn How to Keep Your Site Secure

As your WordPress website grows bigger and more influential, it becomes incredibly important to make sure user data is stored safely and securely and is protected from common security attacks aiming to obtain your client’s financial and personal details.

Most people don’t care much about security when starting as their website isn’t hosting any sensitive data, so they focus on more prescient aspects of their website. But once the website starts growing its user base and people start trusting your website enough to ​conduct financial transactions through it, you’ll find yourself with a wealth of client information that you need to do your utmost to protect. Security leaks could make you lose millions and make your business go bankrupt.

Thankfully, WordPress has a decently sized community that have created excellent security solutions you can use to ensure your website is safe and your clients’ data is secure.

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