The 5 most popular online slot games in the UK

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Some people can’t put into words how much fun gambling is for them. There’s something thrilling about leaving everything to chance, wagering on it, and occasionally winning. Whether that be playing online slot games, poker or a number of other games you can find online. The rush of winning a bet is unexplainable, and it doesn’t hurt that you might win some money as well. 

While gambling used to entail tiresome trips to real money casinos and finding time only for this, things changed with the rise of the internet. It was a lifesaver to be able to play the most popular online slot games from the comfort of your own home. 

Slot machines used to be something you could just play in a casino, but now you can play your favourite slot machines online and play slots for real money.

If you’re a fan of real money casinos or for that matter themed slot games, you know that a good choice of slots is essential. Slots are among the most popular types of games in the UK as they are simple to learn while still offering exciting gameplay.

Among the nations with more easy-going gambling laws, the United Kingdom has 140 casinos in operation, with the number of establishments changing rapidly as the popularity of upgraded casinos grows. This includes not only real money casinos but also online slot games in the UK. 

Whether you live in London, Edinburgh, or somewhere in between, UK residents are fortunate to have access to a number of real money casinos as well as online slot games. There are numerous options to choose from. We’ve gathered some of the most popular online slot games in the UK, so keep reading to find out which one is best for you. If you would like to learn more about the casino industry, check out what author Ella Houghton has to say.

Top 5 slot games in the UK

Moon Shadow

Moon Shadow is among the most popular online slot games available. It meets all of the requirements of a themed slot game player, and it’s one of the best you can play for actual cash. 

It was created by Barcrest, a reputable, top-tier developer. It also has one of the highest returns to player (RTP) values available, at more than 98 per cent. The themes are also quite interesting, with mystical creatures, a nighttime setting, and so on.

Moon Shadow slot game

Texas Tea

This slot game brings the good old USA right into the heart of the UK, with all stuff Texan, from the humans and wildlife to the plants, and even some locals applauding for you as you win. It’s been running strong for the longest time of four years, and with an RTP of 97.35 per cent, it’s no surprise.

Rainbow Riches

It’s also one of the oldest, and it’s had a significant influence on other online slot games in the UK, spawning an entire league of online games. Rainbow Riches is the utmost Irish-themed five-reel game, according to, and is considered as UK’s most popular slot. 

During this cool-themed slot game, you can try your luck with the luck of the Irish. The game even has a leprechaun as a mascot, which should come as no surprise. The game also has the prospects to pay out large sums of money to players through its excellent jackpots.

Rainbow Riches slot game

White Rabbit

Nothing beats a fairytale-themed slot game, and White Rabbit is unquestionably among the most popular online slot games. This game is inspired by Alice in the Wonderland, and it will take you on a wild ride. They have a unique reel structure with five reels –– and the total number of rows shifts with each spin, giving the game a unique twist.

Frozen Inferno

Some folks might play this game solely for the sake of its catchy name, but luckily, it has a lot more to offer. In this snazzy-themed slot game, you’ll face raging fires, magical runes, skeletons and elixirs, and hell itself..


These are some fun-themed slot games, and each one has a unique and entertaining theme. However, you should test each one before deciding on one that will keep you company. 

You must specify what you need in a game to find the perfect fit. Is the RTP high? Or, irrespective of the return percentage, are you looking for a good, fun-themed slot game? In any scenario, your preferences will undoubtedly aid you in deciding which themed slot game to play.

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