High School Students’ Most Popular Educational Computer Games

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The main objective of education is to teach children the basics, as well as in-depth knowledge. Schools, colleges, and universities have different methods and curriculums to develop all the necessary skills in children to make them knowledgeable, skilled and secure in their future. Thus, youngsters have bright perspectives in their future employment. Even before they go to elementary school, they begin to learn through games. Thanks to modern technological progress, games have reached a digital format, and it promises even greater dividends.

A team of Computer Science experts from a programming homework service AssignmentCore.com can tell you a lot about the advantages of technology in education. They have written this article to focus on one particular advantage – video games. Of course, we don’t mean different entertaining games like Call of Duty, WarCraft, or similar ones. We mean educational computer games that help to master different skills faster and more effectively. This article will highlight the best of them.

Most popular games for school-goers

Adventure Academy

If you discuss educational video games, you cannot omit this one. It is very resourceful, easy to understand, and helps to develop different skills very fast. Adventure Academy was designed for school kids aged 8-13 and is very colourful, entertaining, and productive for little learners. Players will find themselves in an academy where they will have to pass a variety of quizzes, tests, and tasks. They are targeted at such disciplines as:

  • Mathematics;
  • Social studies;
  • Language arts;
  • Science.

An attractive interface will instantly grab kids’ attention. They will enjoy different levels of complexity, which are helpful and captivating at the same time. It’s a great game for beginners.

Words from Words

This game boosts brain activity through the creation of words. You will be given one word and you are supposed to create a new word using at least 4 letters of the initial word. Read the previous comment and generate a new word.

How does it work in practice? For example, the last commenter wrote a word – expectation. It contains 11 letters and 9 of them don’t repeat. One may say he/she is lucky because 9 letters propose a great variety of options. You may write “PICTure”, “PECulArity”, and other words. The letters made capital are taken from the initial suggestion. Thus, you make your brain work harder. It is fun and challenging simultaneously.

Argubot Academy

This computer game is more complicated than the previous ones and is intended for school kids from 6th-8th grade. The main theme is to create and govern a city on Mars. However, it won’t be something similar to Sims where you enjoy whatever you want. Every decision, rule, or law you’re going to implement should be properly reasoned. You should provide “argubots” with logical claims and evidence to explain your motives. The game offers a journal log to record all your arguments and thus never lose them. It is pretty challenging, isn’t it?

Argubot Academy gameplay showing a discussion between two chracters


As we’ve mentioned Sims just above, you may be surprised that it likewise has an educational version. You will act as the mayor of SimCity and you’ll have to labour really hard! You’ll have to resolve real-life issues, such as pollution, taxes, and something of the kind. Mind that you should always take into account the needs of your citizens. Consequently, the task becomes more complicated and attractive. The game includes lesson plans and boards for students and teachers. Thus, everyone can track the progress and success rate of every school student.

Battleground 538

This educational computer game is more complicated and was designed for school children between 8th-12th grade. It is focused on the Electoral College and shows how candidates may win or lose. The game involves the following disciplines:

  • Social studies;
  • Mathematics;
  • English;
  • Civics.

School students have an opportunity to act on the behalf of real candidates to try their luck. They will have to use all their wits and smart strategies to be elected by potential voters. Students have to decide where to invest money and how to convince their voters. This game likewise includes historical elections that took place in different years of US history. It helps to develop critical thinking and analytical skills.

One of the ideal games for school children is Battleground 538


A similar to the Battleground game 538 is called Activate. It’s useful for 6-12 graders. Players are expected to rule a small organization and develop it. The main objective is to reach the national level. They choose the main issue and use it as the major source of their development. Ideal for teaching school children about leadership.

Argument Wars

Thanks to this game, youngsters can develop their argumentation skills. They will be offered historical Supreme Court cases that really happened. Everyone can be for or against the decisions of the Court. The major objective is to provide clear, logical, and strong arguments that defend your choice. Thanks to the active use of critical thinking and analytics, school students will improve the art of writing argumentative essays that are devoted to the most complicated topics. Teachers in the schools can use the topics of the game for their lessons for interesting debates. The game involves the following disciplines:

  • History;
  • Social studies;
  • English.

Solitaire Bliss

With Solitaire Bliss, children and students can hone in on their strategy-building skills, as well as play one of the most mentally enriching card games there is. Solitaire Bliss offers a wide selection of Solitaire variations, including Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, and more, providing hours of fun and entertainment for Solitaire players. The site boasts an easy-to-use interface, allowing players to choose their preferred game, customize settings, and enjoy features like unlimited undos, hints, and statistics.

The game involves the following disciplines:

  • Strategy
  • Memory enhancement
  • Problem-Solving
Solitaire Bliss online card game

As you can see, these educational computer games have a huge potential for students of different ages. Yet, one may find many others that likewise have outstanding dividends. If educators recognize their potential and implement them carefully, they will hugely benefit their students to achieve the highest academic objectives easier and faster.

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