Pluses of Games for your Mental Activity and Creative Thinking

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Playing games is often considered a recreational activity that takes away from any learning. This is the traditional viewpoint, and recent studies have shown quite the opposite result. Playing different games helps children develop cognitive skills and enhances their learning abilities in various ways.

Games are a double-edged sword like everything else. Most of us have always considered gaming cons and turned a blind eye towards all its pros. It is true that gaming can be harmful but only in excessive amounts. They have various benefits for children and teenager and help them develop particular skills. It is important to note that these benefits can only be reaped if you play it in moderate and healthy amounts.

Playing videogames for long periods of times daily is bad for your posture and health. So, you have to adjust it to a more balanced time to make it productive. Education is very important, but it is not the only thing in life. You have to focus on other things and taking breaks as well. When schoolwork gets too hectic, and you think whether you can pay someone to write my paper, yes, you can. There are a variety of writing services that offer students a break and help them. Some of the benefits of gaming are as follows:

Improves Learning Abilities

Games allow children to use their brains in different ways, whether defeating the next opponent or building something. Children are able to go through processes and levels. By incorporating levels into them, they can learn from each level and use the knowledge moving forward. The benefits of video games are that they do not come with the pressure of learning. It allows children to take an interest by themselves and try to progress. In addition to levels, they can keep playing in a scenario to repeat it as many times as they need.


The most criticized are violent video games, but they help improve the vision of players. The advantage of playing video games is that players have to be very precise and aware of the environment. The slightest error can result in losing; thus, they keep a very sharp eye on everything, including where every item is, the shade of colour of items, being able to catch the slightest motion, and so much more. This helps improve their vision and awareness and is very useful in real life.

Creative and critical thinking

Pros of playing video games are that they are not easy, which forces players to come up with ways to overcome the challenges. For example, in Fortnite, they have to act quick, and this requires them to judge the situation and make a decision within seconds. This help hones their critical thinking as well as makes them decisive. Even if they make the wrong decisions, with practice, they can overcome this. These challenge them to think outside the box, which adds to the cognitive benefits of playing video games. Many players play with a friend, so they have to communicate as well. Video games help them become clearer with communicating as they have to provide accurate information with a limited time period. They also have to provide evidence and support their arguments like in among us. This helps their confidence in their spoken and helps develop public speaking skills.

These games focus on not only critical thinking but also the creative aspects. Games like Minecraft provide the them with a blank canvas; they can add to it how they want. It gives them a space to be creative without any judgement or rules. Benefits of playing video games like fortnight and PUBG are that they can use creative means to overcome obstacles. Creativity has no bounds in them, which translates into the real life of the player. They can think quickly and be creative, which helps in academic tasks, like writing essays and examinations. Although some students still find writing essays a daunting task, they can use writing services to get pre written essays.

Social life

There is a preconceived notion that people who spend a lot of time playing have no social life or friends. Ever since online gaming has become a reality, people play online with different people. They may be your friends or people you do not know, but you will get to know them as you play with them. Shy and introverted people feel more comfortable making friends through online gaming than they do real life. It helps them make friends from within their comfort zones, and we can think of this as one of the video games health benefits.

Physical Exercises

Parents are usually worried that if their children play video games, they will not be active enough. This is not always the case. One of the major health benefits of playing video games is that you do not have to sit in one spot all day. For example, with Wii, the players have to move around with the controllers to play tennis, bowling and much more. This helps them to be active and move around rather than be hunched over a screen all day. There are also those variants whose purpose is of keeping you active and moving; they have even helped people lose weight which may shock some people.

Mental Exercises

There is a vast collection of video games nowadays. They offer different challenges that enable students to acquire mental skills like problem-solving. Continuously spending time on these games act as mental exercises and helps build resilience and improves their strategy-making capabilities. They stimulate the mind and can be included in the video game health benefits. Despite all the skills you learn from them, if you still feel overwhelmed with school work, you do not need to worry. Writing services like can help in writing your essays for you.

Hand and Eye Coordination

Time is a significant factor in most video games. To win, they have to receive information, analyze it and act within seconds. This will naturally help their reaction times and hand and eye coordination. Expert players do not even look at their controllers; they are confident in their hand and eye coordination skills. Among the many benefits of playing games, the games teaching quick reactions is one of them.

Games are very beneficial in developing a variety of skills. If you look past the conventional point of view, you will realize that they help acquire learning abilities that help in the academic world. It would help if you found a balance between them and other aspects of your life.

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