Playing poker on mobile: Pros & Cons

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In the past, poker fans had to spend time looking for a decent casino and take the time to travel to get there. Today, times have changed – many technologies make life easier for gamblers. This also applies to playing poker. In addition to virtual poker on personal computers, gamblers increasingly prefer mobile games.

Online casinos offer many modern versions of smartphones and poker applications. In them, gamblers have access to generous bonuses and 3D animations, and many other features. Check our article if you are interested in playing Poker on smartphones and tablets. In it, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a mobile game.

Benefits of mobile poker

Along with the technological innovations of the 21st century, modern gamblers can enjoy their favourite games from mobile devices. Today, the difference between smartphone and PC versions is almost invisible.

Woman holding mobile possibly playing poker

Ability to play from anywhere in the world

The obvious plus of mobile poker is the complete freedom to play wherever you want. To enjoy your favourite hobby, a gambler does not have to sit at home around the clock. Users can participate in Poker tournaments or play alongside virtual dealers at work, on public transport, or on vacation.

It is enough to run virtual Poker from a mobile phone to have a gadget and a high-quality Internet connection.

Access to many games

Gamblers who like to play on mobile can spend their time in an online poker club. Users have a large selection of entertainment that they can use from smartphones and tablets. For example, gamblers can spend time in licensed online casinos, live games, Poker tournaments, or applications. 

At the same time, the gambling market is constantly evolving. Every day there are new offers for those who love the mobile game.

Promo codes for mobile players

Online casinos offer bonuses to motivate gamblers to play from smartphones and tablets. Many gambling clubs give generous promotional codes for installing mobile applications. Users can also receive a gift for the first deposit, an invited friend, and high stakes.

For example, an online casino can give a promotional code for the first deposit made from a mobile application. The significant advantage of these promo codes is that players can use them even if they don’t want to play Poker on their devices.

Compatible with all types of operating systems

Mobile Poker can be used on all modern devices. So, you don’t have to buy an expensive smartphone with the latest operating system. Users can enjoy an exciting tournament using smartphones or tablets running on Android and iOS. At the same time, downloading most applications is accessible for gamblers.

Demo mode available

If you are new to the world of Poker, then we do not recommend betting large amounts immediately. The best option would be to use the demo mode. Moreover, most online casinos allow you to try the game without registration and deposit. This format is available not only from personal computers but also from mobile devices. All that is required from the user is the presence of a high-quality Internet connection and the desire to learn the rules of Poker.

Cards showing four aces for four of a kind in poker

Disadvantages of Mobile Poker

Even though playing Poker on smartphones and tablets has many advantages, gamblers may face some problems.

It takes a lot of internet traffic

Poker tournaments and live dealer games consume a lot of Internet traffic. Therefore, if you prefer to play from smartphones and tablets, be prepared to spend a lot of money on this or opt for an unlimited plan.

Not all games work on mobile

Most modern poker games are based on HTML-5 and perfectly adapted to small device screens. If you love classic slot machines, be prepared because they may not be available on smartphones. In addition, the small mobile screen sometimes does not allow you to participate in tournaments where you need a big picture to see all the details.

You need a stable connection to play

To enjoy mobile poker, players must have a perfect internet connection. If the gambler is on the road, he may experience communication problems. This means that playing on a mobile phone will be impossible.

Playing on mobile is not always convenient

This format is not suitable for people who don’t like details. Playing on a mobile phone can be inconvenient when you try to press a button or view the desired image on a small screen.

Some features are not available on mobile

If a player wants to record his session and analyze the last game, it will be easier for him to do this from a computer. At the same time, if the opponent plays from a PC and you play from a smartphone, he is in a better position since the opponent can track the statistics or determine the tendencies of his rivals.


If you have a dilemma as to whether to play on mobile, our answer is “Definitely yes!”. Playing from smartphones has a lot of advantages. Therefore, we recommend trying this format to understand whether it suits you.

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