Play a Limited-Time Demo of Black Legend during the Steam Autumn Festival

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Warcave is ready for fans to get their first hands-on experience with Black Legend, their new turn-based strategy RPG. This limited-time demo is available during the Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition from October 7-13, 2020. Along with the demo, Warcave released a new gameplay trailer and will be live-streaming a new section of Black Legend at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET / 7:00pm CEST.

Watch the new Black Legend Gameplay Trailer

Click Here to visit Black Legend on Steam

Black Legend is an alternate history RPG set in the cursed city of Grant. Shrouded in a deadly madness inflicting fog and plagued by a deadly cult of fanatics, this once-bustling metropolis is struggling to survive. Lead a band of mercenaries to piece together stories from survivors, discover new equipment and classes for your team, and delve into many locations during your quest to discover how to stop the city’s curse from spreading.

Featuring strategy-focused gameplay, combat in Black Legend requires a tactical focus where unit placement, ability combos, and well-chosen attacks are key to survival. Alchemy adds variety to both ranged and melee attacks with four different ways to injure, poison, and debilitate your foes. Combine these alchemic attacks for devastating effects.

Alongside explosive combat, free-exploration lets you investigate the many alleys and streets in the city of Grant. Different districts host a wide variety of architecture and environments — you never know where you’ll discover a hidden path, a treasure trove of new items, hidden quest, or recruitable character.

Earlier this month, Warcave announced the game for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X in Q1 2021. Find out more at the product website here.

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